Tesla show

Age range: 5+

Optimal number of kids: from 5 to 30

Duration: 30 minutes

550 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Taming lightning
  • Lamps lighting up in your hands
  • Banana toasted by electric lightning
  • Hydrogen bomb
  • Musical show from a tesla coil and other experiments
  • Darkened room required
  • All safety precautions are observed
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A gala event for every child is a miracle, an opportunity to be in a fairy tale. The Fantasy Party team has prepared a unique children’s show. There will be real magic going on here. Electricity is one of the fascinating and mysterious spectacles. Nikola Tesla introduced the world to electrical discharge. The entertainers will show and tell you how lightning works and demonstrate a show of electrical phenomena.

Program Features

Tesla show is designed for children from five years. The program takes place under the control of an entertainer. We observed safety precautions.

Nikola was an outstanding scientist. Conducted experiments with electricity revealed the phenomenon of this phenomenon. Tesla’s show gives you the opportunity to be a scientist-inventor. The children’s holiday will be unforgettable. The kids will get knowledge in the field of electricity. They will unravel the principle of its work and its application in nature.

The program includes the following:

  • AcquaintaThen, everyoneThen, everyone lightning. The leader will show and tell the principle of the electric charge. Then, everyone can try to tame lightning, even hold it in his hand.
  • Experimenting with an electric charge and a banana. The fruit can be cooked with electricity.
  • Musical experiments. This is not just music from a speaker. It can be played through a tesla device. The coil plays the tracks.
  • Making a real hydrogen bomb.
  • However, magic lights work by hand.

You can hold the event anywhere. However, you need enough space and the ability to darken the venue.

Electricity is not just an everyday phenomenon. It is the ability to create an extravaganza, surprise the audience, and show that magic is near.

Every kid can see several dancing lightning bolts simultaneously, watch inert gases glow, become a participant in scientific discoveries, and try to blow up an airship.

This event is suitable for adults and children. The program presents an interactive format. The entertainer interacts with each spectator. Lightning in hand – what can be more entertaining? Many have only seen it from afar. Here is an opportunity to get acquainted with it closer.

You can book a performance for any holiday. The entertainment program will suit for a birthday. Our staff travels around New York and the region. It is possible to arrange a celebration in a cafe or at home. For the event, you need access to an outlet. This is one of the most impressive performances. It is not only fascinating but also educational.

The lights need to be dimmed during the performance. The show will be more spectacular. It’s better to do it in the evening. This will create an atmosphere of magic. In front of an astonished audience, unusual things will happen. For this, you will need an outlet with a voltage of 220V. Professionals Fantasy Party will make the holiday unforgettable. You can take photos and videos.

Party organization

A children’s party or the first anniversary can be made truly unique. Such show guests will remember unusual phenomena that can happen with electricity for a long time. First, an introduction to the famous scientist and his invention is held. Then, you can see how it works in practice.

Safety precautions are observed during the event. All equipment is tested and supervised by an experienced entertainer. The audience can take part in the experiments.

The program is designed for 30 minutes. The price includes the entertainment program itself, the services of a presenter, and musical accompaniment.

Tesla show is the best greeting for a child of any age. Everyone will be interested in watching the light phenomena, creating a hydrogen bomb, and blowing up an airship. Both boys and girls will love it. Fantasy Party Agency will organize a unique celebration for your child.


Photos from the parties

Video from the party


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