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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is an essential part of any site. It shows what information the web resource stores and may be called different ways: user agreement, personal data processing, privacy policy, etc. Moreover, it is a mandatory legal requirement that every company complies with.

What personal data do we collect?

We use the following information:

  • Comments. All comments posted on the site are saved, as well as the visitor’s IP addresses and the browser’s user-agent data. This is needed to be able to detect spam.
  • Media files. By downloading images with metadata, people share information about their location.
  • Cookies. Registered users can save their data, so they don’t have to re-enter it every time. The storage period is one year.
  • Embedded content from other sites. Content posted on a site may contain embedded images, videos, and text. Their content behaves as if the user goes to another site. The latter can monitor your interaction with the embedded content.

Why is a privacy policy necessary?

Initially, why such an agreement is required – to fill out a form to collect contacts. By registering on the resource, everyone leaves contacts for feedback, agrees to the mailing list, and places orders. This is how people share their personal data.

Developers use small text files which save information about the visitors to the resource and their actions (cookies). These may be logins, passwords, language, and pages previously visited.

The privacy policy is essential to comply with legal requirements and connect to the site Google analytics, payment services, and use of marketing tools.

How long is the data stored, and what happens to it?

The retention periods for different information are varied. For example, a comment posted on a page and its metadata are stored for a long time. This is set up to automatically detect and approve all subsequent comments rather than manually.

For users who are registered on the site, we store the personal information that they provide in their profile. Everyone can view, edit, and delete data from their profile. The site administrators also have access to it.

If you create an account or post reviews, you may ask for an export file of your personal information, including the information you provide. You may request to have this information deleted. The exception is the information we must keep for administrative, security, and legal reasons.

Where can I usually find a data processing policy?

You can find the User Agreement anywhere you leave your information:

  • in a pop-up window (at the bottom of the page when you enter the page);
  • when registering (by leaving the required information, the user agrees to the processing of personal data);
  • filling out a form on the site;
  • in the basement of the site.

Any resource on which there are application forms, feedback forms, cookies, registration in the personal account, and sending new information to the emails must comply with the privacy policy. In this case, users have the right to know what information and why the site collects, and the resource owners should not share the information received with third parties.


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