Super Neon show

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of participants: from 5 to 10

Duration: 1 hour

650 $

Program includes:
  • 2 hosts
  • 30 minutes of Fantasy neon dust bubble show
  • 30 minutes of neon paper disco
  • Neon face painting and tattoos for everyone who wants them
  • Bright glowing costumes
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Professional equipment
  • 10 kg of various colored neon paper (clean-up included in the price)
  • Glowing table, neon lamps, confetti cannon
  • It's possible to order the neon bubble show or neon disco separately
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Nowadays, it’s difficult to impress children with a party organized by entertainers, fun contests, and workshops. But Fantasy Party agency knows how to do it – with a unique super neon show. Our new holiday program will surprise all party participants, regardless of their age, gender, and preferences.

Our agency’s creative team has developed a grand performance for children and adults. A meticulously planned party script, original costumes for the hosts, mysterious neon rays, and a large amount of colorful confetti – this is the recipe for unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions. You can order the neon show program for a birthday, graduation from an educational institution, as well as other festive events.

Features of the Super Neon Show

Today’s children’s parties can be full of excitement, fantasy, and a new way of perceiving reality. The magical neon, combined with artistic performances, works wonders – children and adults won’t be able to take their eyes off the professional team of artists. You can order a light show with the following features at our agency:

  • Soap bubbles
  • Paper
  • Bright confetti
  • Stylish costumes
  • Unusual props that glow brightly in LED lights

The paper and soap show is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all event participants. Artists use bright neon lights, laser installations, and other props to create a glorious show in this act.

The Neon Show from Fantasy Party helps create an unforgettable atmosphere using various tools from UV, LED, and laser shows. Every child will love the shimmering multi-colored neon bubbles that make a great performance.

Ordering a Neon Show for a child’s birthday, primary school graduation, and other significant dates will provide all children and adults with bright photos and unforgettable experiences.

Advantages of Fantasy Party

Our agency organizes and conducts children’s events in New York and the New York region from start to finish. The creative team at Fantasy Party develops unique show programs, workshops, and festive scripts that delight every child. Turning to our agency, the birthday child’s parents transfer all the worries about organizing and conducting the celebration to professionals.

Managers, scriptwriters, entertainers, and artists help prepare an unforgettable holiday you want to repeat more than once. The advantages of Fantasy Party include:

  • A wide selection of thematic holiday programs.
  • Development of author’s celebration scripts considering the preferences of the birthday child, event organizers, and their parents.
  • Use of high-quality stylized costumes, festive props, and attributes.
  • Selection of musical accompaniment.
  • Regular update of the range of characters and thematic scripts.
  • A wide selection of additional services (personal support for the celebration, artists of different genres, photo and videographers, sound engineers, and other types of services).
  • Professional entertainers, artists, musicians, and scriptwriters.

Call Fantasy Party at the contact numbers. We will help you organize and conduct an unforgettable, fun celebration for children of all ages. We will select an exciting celebration script and fill it with glorious shows, incendiary music, and mysterious neon lights.

The creative team at the agency will make every effort to make the event grandiose in the life of the child, their friends, and relatives.


Photos from the parties

Video from the party


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