Age range: 5+

Optimal number of participants: up 5 to 10

Duration: 1 hour

350 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Themed props
  • Contests and competitions
  • Decoding of the message
  • Finding the encrypted code
  • Finding the right route
  • Solving problems using a timer
  • Photo, video, and audio clues
  • Finding and assembling the found items into a complete image
  • Treasure hunt and more
  • Playing outdoors or indoors
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Parents try their best to organize a perfect birthday party for their children. But it is not easy to do it without professional help. So, we recommend arranging a kids’ quest for curious and active children who love riddles and adventure. It is a fascinating event that will intrigue children and adults.

Kids’ quest birthday parties

Kids quest for birthday and other partiesQuest games for kids are the authentic way to make parties or diversify your leisure. It consists of a mysterious riddle and a treasure hunt. The event includes:

  • competitions;
  • contests;
  • dances;
  • performing various tasks, and so on.

All children complete the quest and receive gifts. These can be sweets, toys, or souvenirs. Kids’ quest locations can be any because the event can be held at home or school, in a cafe, or even outdoors. Children of different ages can take part in quests, starting from 5 years old.

Quest program for kids

The celebration program is made individually for each person. One presenter is enough if the number of participants does not exceed ten people. If there are more guests, he will need an assistant. Since holding children’s attention for a long time is challenging, the event takes no more than an hour.

Quest kids is a fun pastime for the whole family. It promotes children’s intelligence, thinking, skill, and sense of humor. All the action is accompanied by professional acting. The host will transform into any character, making the kids love it!

Kids quest prices

Many people wonder how much does kids’ quest cost. Prices depend on the content of the chosen program, the number of participants, and the client’s wishes. We guarantee that your child will remember this holiday for a long time! Our actors will create a mysterious atmosphere, ultimately capturing children’s attention.

During the kids’ quest birthday party, the participants will jump, run, make noise and have fun. This will bring all the guests joy and a sea of positive emotions!


Photos from the parties


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