Puppet theater

Age range: 5+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

550 $

Program includes:
  • Over 30 types of performances to suit all tastes
  • Puppet show or theater with actors
  • High quality and beautiful sets
  • Professional actors
  • Hand made puppets
  • Unique and interesting scenarios
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Suitable for any children's event
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Children are the best audience! Their emotions are real. The Fantasy Party company offers exciting children’s events. Favorite characters, engaging performances – all this is waiting for young spectators. Children’s parties will be even more fun with the puppet theater. It is possible to choose the plot of the performance. Puppets are handmade and have bright and colorful costumes. Professional actors know precisely what children need.

How does the performance go?

A puppet show is an opportunity to learn about your favorite characters. Professional acting allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale. The characters come to life in front of the children’s eyes. Prominent, growing dolls and unique decorations create a genuine atmosphere of magic.

Children can get acquainted with each character in person. Programs of performances are provided in advance. For each version, there is a portfolio.

A performance consists of several stages:

  • Preparation of the venue. A small stage is set, decorations are mounted, and musical equipment is connected.
  • The performance is shown. Scenarios are designed for children of different ages.
  • Communication with children. Fairy tale characters always communicate with their audience. The production takes place with the participation of each kid in the hall.
  • A photo with the character as a keepsake. After the production, everyone can be photographed with the actors.

The fairy tale can enter every home. Professional actors lead the performance. The main character is a marionette puppet. It comes in different sizes. It all depends on the specific scenario. The management is done with the help of strings. The actor’s hand holds the puppet and gracefully controls its movements.

The little toy can hide behind a screen. This is a mini-performance behind a decorative wall. In addition, an improvised house or playground is put up.

The children’s party will be different from the others. The mobile theater will deliver positive emotions to the little spectator.

The event can be booked on a child’s birthday. Departures take place all over New York. There are performances for the youngest audience.

A fairy tale is the best way to teach a child good deeds. In the example of puppet characters, you can play out a life scene. Everyone will draw the correct conclusions for themselves.

Where does a puppet theater take place?

Puppet theater is most often ordered for birthdays and graduations in kindergarten. You can invite fairy tale characters to your home. For this, you need a space of 2 by 3 meters. The free space is used to install the equipment and the stage.

All the decorations are brought by the staff, as well as unique handmade puppets.

Such a performance is interesting for young children. They love to watch cartoons. What a surprise it will be when the characters come to life before their eyes. They can interact, touch the character, and get a memorable photo.

It is better to book a puppet theater in advance. This will allow you to choose the desired date.

How to order the event?

To order it is enough to call the contact phone number. You can use the online form for a callback on the site, leaving your details. Managers of Fantasy Party will contact you to clarify the details.

Every client is unique. The program is selected based on the child’s preferences.

Fantasy Party organizes outings to any site. You can hold the event outdoors, in a cafe, or at home. The price depends on the chosen program and location. Our team travels around New York and the region.

Puppet theater is the best gift for children on any occasion. Experienced actors will turn a holiday into a fabulous show. Children of 2 to 10 years of age will participate in the magic. Every guest will remember such a celebration for a long time. Memorable photos of the characters will stay with the kids forever.


Photos from the parties


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