Foam show

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

450 $

Program includes:
  • 2 hosts
  • Games and contests with bricks
  • Dancing and tower building
  • About 150 bricks of different colors and shapes
  • Foam sledgehammer
  • Foam props for the photo shoot
  • Musical accompaniment
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Need to organize an exciting children’s event? Need to know how to surprise your child with an unusual gift? Fantasy Party company will help to organize any celebration. The main task is to surprise children and hold an unforgettable party. You can arrange a real show. A foam party is just the thing. Suitable for adults and children of all ages. The agency provides the right props and musical accompaniment.

What is a foam show?

Children love unusual contests, jumping into soft bricks, and participating in competitions. This is an opportunity for everyone to prove themselves. Games are designed for children of different ages. It will not be boring here. Everyone can take part.

You can hold the event anywhere: in an apartment, a cafe, or an open area. A team of professional actors travels around New York and the region.

The foam show is a fascinating program with lots of colorful bricks. They are used to create photo areas, furniture, barricades, and much more.

The holiday consists of several parts:

  • Preparation of props. A few minutes before the celebration, the team prepares everything they need.
  • Performing the tasks. Players need to overcome obstacles on their way to the castle. The more people on the team, the better. Passing the barriers will be challenging, but it will be a lot of fun.
  • Breaking the castle. It must be destroyed as quickly as possible. For this, there is a soft sledgehammer.
  • A competition to build their tower, which is done on speed.
  • A competition between two teams. Each team has its shelter. Need to last as long as possible in it.
  • Soft props – an opportunity to create unique furniture. There is a game for the best work. Everyone can show their imagination and create a bright design project.
  • Jumping into the sea foam. What can be better than soft waves?
  • Children build a tall tower of bricks. The main thing is not to fail the construction.
  • Photo session in designer clothes made of foam rubber.

Professional entertainers are in the lead of the show. They accompany the team throughout the celebration. Music accompaniment is provided. The entertainer divides the players into teams. The scenario is designed for up to 30 people. Here, everyone can have fun and dance a fiery foam dance. Such a program is suitable for entertaining guests on their birthdays. The birthday child and his guests can throw out energy and fight in foam rubber wrestling.

A soft sledgehammer can be used as a prop to break the castle. To build it, you need about 150 colorful bricks. Such a fun holiday for children will be remembered for a long time. You can make a video of the celebration. In the end, everyone will take part in a photo shoot. Few people can boast of a photo on a foam throne or a bright sofa. Everyone can show their imagination and creativity and take a unique picture for social media.

Cost of the foam show

The price depends on the number of participants and the selected program. There is a unique offer – a mega show. Fantasy Party agency staff will help you to choose the exemplary scenario. The program is designed for children from three years old.

You need to book the event in advance. Leave your information in the online contact form. In addition, the website has reviews on the work of our team and photos of events.

Agency managers will answer all your questions. The cost is calculated after specifying the details of the event.

The foam show is an opportunity to surprise your child. Every adult can have fun together with children: build the most prominent tower, jump into the sea of colorful bricks, to fight for the capture of the fortress. The Fantasy Party team will make the party unforgettable.


Photos from the parties


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