Contact zoo

Age range: 5+

Optimal number of kids: from 5 to 30

Duration: 30 minutes

450 $

Program includes:
  • More than 50 animal species to choose from
  • Domestic and exotic species
  • Quality and beautiful scenery
  • Close contact with the animals
  • High quality and beautiful scenery
  • Lots of emotions and impressions from communicating with your favorite animals
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Animals have always been the best friends of children. Playing with a puppy or a cat is a joy for your child. Contact Zoo from Write-Party Agency – it’s a chance to make your child happy! Our company works in New York and New York region. The price depends on the number of selected animals. You can specify the conditions by phone. Reviews about the event can be found on the company page.

What is a Contact Zoo?

An interactive zoo is a new kind of service in our country. Today, every big city has such a service. Ten years ago, these zoos just started to appear. A child can come into close contact with animals and birds, pet them, feed them, or hear a duck quack. Communicating with “little brothers” attracts and inspires children. Kids learn and get necessary information about our world. Adults are also interested in looking at the different animals inhabiting our planet.

Some children see the mini-zoo as a farm, while others perceive it as a wild jungle or forest. Young tomboys and quiet kids love visiting this place. And if the animals come home to the kids on their birthday or New Year’s Eve? Children’s holidays will become an accurate fairy tale and be remembered forever.

Mobile Zoo

Our zoo staff will come to the stated address in the capital or the New York region. A visit can be organized to a country house or a New York apartment. A festive event with animals will please the birthday child, parents, and guests.

Contact with animals is an excellent opportunity to make a photo shoot. You can make a video, take pictures with exciting animals, and capture shots of the child stroking a bird, rabbit, etc.

The Fantasy Party is more than 50 species of animals:

  • rhinoceroses;
  • raccoons;
  • sheep;
  • ferrets;
  • hedgehogs;
  • lizards;
  • spiders;
  • parrots;
  • amphibians;
  • owls.

Most animals are tame. Feathered animals, mammals, and others have medical documents and are regularly examined by veterinarians. The staff monitors the games and ensures safe communication with the animals.

Party organization

What parents should do for a birthday party:

  • Decide on a place to hold the party;
  • Decorate the room;
  • Prepare treats and gifts.

No time is left for a leisure plan. Often children become bored after the sweet table and may fight or be mischievous. Even if the adults managed to prepare contests, attracting young people is not easy. Entertainers have a lot of experience and appropriate education. Actors can find an approach to girls and boys with different characters. You can organize a holiday in the costumes of your favorite characters on a fascinating program:

  • science, paper, soap shows;
  • puppet theater;
  • quests;
  • photo and video shooting workshop.

Outdoor experts will hold active competitions. All children and adults like the contact traveling zoo. The choice of animals is impressive. The boys want to meet a ferret and a raccoon. The girls love talking to parrots. Some children squeal at the sight of spiders or reptiles, others dream of touching them. Fantasy Party does not offer dangerous predators. Cute animals will not harm your baby.

Acquaintance with “lesser brothers” will help children better understand how the world works and learn to communicate with them. At the sight of a chicken, a person will not faint in the future.

Contact Zoo is a chance to organize a fun and exciting event. Employees will supervise the process of communication between the children and the animals. Contact with birds, mammals, and reptiles is aimed at developing compassion in the younger generation. If a child strokes a rabbit, it is unlikely that they will be able to hurt any creature when he or she grows up.


Photos from the parties


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