Bubble Show

Age range: 1+

Optimal number of participants: from 5 to 30

Duration: 30 minutes

350 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Any character can be chosen
  • Manual tricks
  • Tricks with rackets of different diameters and shapes
  • Smoke bubbles
  • Lots of bubbles
  • Bubbles inside a big bubble
  • Burning bubble and hand fire
  • Giant bubble plumes
  • Bubble man trick and more
  • Floor covering
  • Musical accompaniment
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The bubble show is a real treat for every child! It will help to diversify any celebration and is perfect for children of different ages. We are sure this exciting entertainment with soap will appeal to children and their parents!

Amazing bubble show: what’s in the program?

The bubble show, New YorkWe know that most children are restless, and keeping them in one place for a long time is very difficult. That’s why the bubble show in NYC lasts an average of half an hour. That’s enough to get kids interested, keep their attention, and put on an incredible show.

The bubble show for kids’ parties includes:

  • hand tricks;
  • smoke bubbles;
  • plumes of giant bubbles;
  • tiny bubbles inside a big one;
  • burning bubble;
  • human-sized bubbles, etc.

Bubble show for party

Looking for a bubble show for birthday parties near me? We have one of the following bubble shows in NYC:

  • classic (implies a show of different bubbles);
  • extended (with the addition of tricks);
  • neon (a light show is added to the soap balls).

Bubble show for kids

All children love blowing soap bubbles, and watching an amazing mega show with them is everyone’s dream! Individual musical accompaniment is chosen for all parties, as well as a favorite character for the presenter. This is a magic atmosphere and always a cheerful mood. Bubble show in New York City will not let any guest get down.

Bubble show near me в New York

The bubble show in NYC by Fantasy Party is an opportunity to bring joy to your child. Experienced artists will find an approach to each child. We will choose an individual program, depending on the age of the guests and your wishes. So take the chance to organize an unforgettable party for children!


Photos from the parties


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