Animals show

Age range: 0+

Optimal number of participants: from 5 to 20

Duration: 20 minutes

450 $

Program includes:
  • Trained animals
  • Incredible tricks
  • Poodle show
  • Mini pig show
  • Monkey show
  • Bear and other animals show
  • Opportunity to touch and pet the animals
  • Photo session
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All children love animals. Animal shows for kids are a unique opportunity to organize an unforgettable party for your child. Cute animals will be a highlight and give incredible joy to all the guests, even the youngest babies. Order a show with animals and get a positive charge of communication with them for a long time!

Amazing animals show for children

Animals show

It is challenging to organize an original holiday. The modern generation is difficult to surprise them with something because they have access to all kinds of toys. That is why you should trust professionals in this matter. We know how to make the celebration perfect! One of the options is to order a show with animals.

Animal shows for kids are held with the participation of various animals:

  • doggies;
  • monkeys;
  • pygmy pigs;
  • hedgehogs;
  • pigeons;
  • llamas and others.

Our farm has about 50 different kinds of animals, including exotic ones. They perform acrobatic tricks and jump through rings. An experienced animal trainer leads the event. He has artistic skills, and therefore, there is a cheerful atmosphere of celebration during the show.

Everyone should see such a show at least once in their life. Any gift will not be as memorable as a talented animal show. This event is sure to please not only children but adults as well.

Kids’ show with animals: how does it go?

Because the children don’t sit still much, the show lasts about 20 minutes. During this time, guests have time to enjoy the performance of the animals and take memorable photos with them. The animals are allowed to pet and even hold hands. This will not leave any child indifferent!

You can choose the animals your child would like to see at their party. A contact zoo exclusively for you has never been more accessible! Fluffy rabbits, cute little dogs, a giant python, and even a crocodile – we have an animal that will please everyone!

Trained animals – this is the best gift for a children’s party. Children around them always smile, have fun and feel sincerity. Such happiness is not fake, and no toys or other gifts can give away!

New York animals show by Fantasy Party

Animal shows for kids , New YorkIf you are interested in kid shows about animals in New York – you have come to the right place. We have:

  • unique show programs and developmental master classes for all tastes and budgets;
  • a team of professional artists;
  • large selection of high-quality costumes;
  • 155 characters in the catalog;
  • an individual program for every celebration;
  • discounts for regular clients.

Finding a common language with children can be difficult for outsiders. However, we have true professionals who will find an approach to everyone, even the shyest and taciturn child.

To capture all the most critical moments of the holiday, you can also order our professional photographer. He knows how to catch the best shot, which is difficult with children constantly in motion. So pictures of high quality and memory will be guaranteed for many years!

Call us or leave a request on our website, and our managers will contact you and pick the perfect celebration for you. We will take into account all your wishes and preferences. So give your child bright emotions and an unforgettable holiday that he will remember with warmth and a smile for many years!


Photos from the parties


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