Video greeting

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of participants: 10

Duration: 5 minutes

150 $

Program includes:
  • 1 or more hosts
  • Any character
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Wishes for the birthday child
  • Dance, song, or game in one greeting
  • Possibility to order and receive video in one day
  • A great birthday card as a memorable gift
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Celebrating children’s birthdays and other significant events can only be imagined with exciting entertainment and games. No less important on this day are gifts, which children of all ages eagerly await. You can complement the offering to the kid with a video postcard, guaranteed to cheer up the birthday child, and it will be an occasion for surprise and sincere smiles. Such a surprise will remain in your child’s memory forever.

The agency of children’s parties Fantasy Party offers more than 200 animated characters that can make children happy by recording a video greeting. Gift-giving in this format today is just beginning to conquer the world, so your child will definitely be surprised by the attention of their favorite characters. A greeting video card is an opportunity to present an incredible mood, positive impressions, and emotions.

What does the Fantasy Party offer?

Imagine your child’s surprise when a favorite cartoon or fairy tale character calls them by name from a video. These emotions are difficult to convey in words, but they are worth feeling more than once. Our company can order a ready-made personal video greeting, which will be written in advance for your child. Then, an entertainer will send it conveniently at a predetermined time.

Order such an original video greeting for girls and boys of any age. The greeting card will be accompanied by the following:

  • personal greeting;
  • Entertainment program (mini-quest, poems, dances, etc.);
  • Musical gifts and other additions at the request of parents and relatives of the child.

The Fantasy Party will do everything necessary to make this video for the child to fill for a long time. A video recorded especially for the birthday child will become an occasion for genuine surprise, sincere smiles, and happiness in their eyes.

This greeting format is suitable for all holidays and important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, New Year, Christmas, graduation from kindergarten, or the first day of school. The card’s theme is adjusted, and the author’s script is created, considering all parents’ requests.

How to order a video greeting card?

Such a convenient format of greeting cards can be ordered in our agency at a comfortable price. Entertainers will be able to make a beautiful video in one day. Still, it is better to call this service in advance because each child needs a unique approach, writing the author’s script for a mini holiday and reincarnation of the actor in the role.

Ordering on the Web site Fantasy Party requires you to choose a fairy tale or animated character, apply online or contact the manager by phone. To personalize the video, you must also fill out a short questionnaire to help our team better understand the future birthday child.

Managers of our company will contact you to discuss all the order details and your wishes. Our entertainers of Fantasy Party create a personal greeting that will give the child a festive atmosphere, good humor, and unforgettable emotions.

Want an unconventional way to congratulate your children on holiday? Are you interested in video greetings from entertainers, characters from your favorite cartoons, and fairy tales? The Fantasy Party staff will advise on all aspects of the choice of animated characters and other issues. In addition, we guarantee to create a personalized greeting video in an original format, guaranteed to give children positive emotions.




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