Stilt walkers

Age range: 5+

Optimal number of kids: up to 20

Duration: from 15 minutes

350 $

Program includes:
  • Congratulations from stilt walkers in beautiful costume
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Several types of costumes from angels to clowns
  • Joint photo on your device
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Celebrating with entertainers has become a common format for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other events, which is accompanied by vivid emotions for all participants. Organizing an unforgettable children’s celebration can be achieved by diversifying it with shows featuring stilt walkers. This festive element is guaranteed to delight children of all ages, leaving them with vivid memories to cherish for days to come.


Fantasy Party offers parents the opportunity to enhance their children’s celebration with professional stilt walkers. The unique show program will be the highlight of the event, a spectacular spectacle that will capture the attention of all participants. Our agency’s managers will ensure a successful celebration, filling it with fun and unconventional entertainment.


Features of stilt walker shows


Professional artists from Fantasy Party perform in almost all venues in New York with high ceilings. These artistic stilt walkers offer a captivating performance that is breathtaking. Our agency’s stilt walkers not only march in step, but they also:


– juggle various objects;

– dance;

– jump;

– perform different tricks, “features”, as well as other elements and actions, all while at a staggering height.


A stilt walker show for a birthday, a child’s anniversary, is an impeccable and vibrant entertainment that will help bring wonder and belief in fairy tales to children of all ages. Booking these artists can be done for events dedicated to graduation from educational institutions, such as kindergartens, elementary schools, as well as personal memorable dates. Street stilt walkers will visit children’s events, providing a grand show that will evoke bright emotions, genuine smiles, and unforgettable impressions in children.


Advantages of Fantasy Party: Why choose our agency?


We organize children’s events in New York comprehensively and at affordable rates. Our agency’s creative team develops engaging holiday programs, fills them with grand shows, stilt walkers, and other elements. We guarantee the organization of an unforgettable celebration that will please all guests.


Advantages of Fantasy Party:


– Incredible selection of ready-made programs.

– Preparation of an original script considering the preferences of the celebrant.

– Use of high-quality stylized costumes and props.

– Special personalized approach to each child.

– Wide range of additional services.

– Regular updating of the assortment of holiday programs, costumes, props, and additional services.


In our agency, professional entertainers, photographers, sound operators, costume designers, videographers, and other specialists work to ensure children’s smiles are always a top priority. Our creative team knows how to connect with each child. Entertainers will entertain and bring out even the most reserved children. Organizing a celebration with our managers involves meticulous attention to detail, adapting the script to suit the specific order.


Stilt walkers from Fantasy Party are true masters of children’s entertainment. Contact our agency and give your child a miracle, a belief in fairy tales. Our professional artists will showcase their skills at the highest level in any venue with high ceilings. Call our managers at the contact numbers to book our services.


Stilt walker shows are a spectacular, fun, and memorable performance that will evoke bright emotions.





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