Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 20

Duration: 2 hours

110 $

Program includes:
  • It is possible to choose the flavor
  • 2 hours of work by the confectioner
  • Hot and fresh popcorn for your celebration
  • Confectioner's visit and delivery of the popcorn machine
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Popcorn Machine Rental in New YorkCorn and, therefore, popcorn contains a lot of fiber, which, in turn, helps to improve digestion and regulate blood sugar levels. Therefore, this treat is definitely worth using at any children’s event. Popcorn machine rental is a great solution! Make your celebration unforgettable – use the Fantasy Party agency’s services!

Rent a popcorn machine for a party

Most people know popcorn as the classic movie snack: while you’re captivated watching an exciting movie, you’re constantly eating air-corn. And popcorn really can be eaten healthily, as recently reported by American researchers.

Popcorn contains numerous dietary fiber and antioxidants. And it is these ingredients that make the treat healthy. But this treat is also delicious. It is no coincidence that all children, without exception, love it. That’s why this product can be an excellent addition to any event. Popcorn popper rental is an affordable solution for any children’s group.

You can use the service to organize the following events:

  • family holidays;
  • birthdays;
  • workshops;
  • school holidays;
  • show programs;
  • carnivals;
  • theme parties, etc.

Popcorn Machine Rental in New YorkKettle corn machine rental will help diversify the children’s holiday menu by adding a healthy and hypoallergenic product suitable for children over three years old.

All children, without exception, love tasty treats – both sweet and salty! Popcorn popper rental will allow you to offer your guests a delicacy in many different flavors – caramel, cheese, and bacon. Each guest at the party will be able to choose their flavor.

Popcorn maker rental is also a great business solution. Make delicious treats for your clients and earn money! Lightweight equipment will be quickly delivered to the event at a pre-arranged time. Just calculate the number of raw materials needed and the approximate profit.

In addition to popcorn rental, our agency offers other services. Invite performers, decorate the event with balloons, create a unique photo zone and treat your guests with cotton candy together with Fantasy Party!




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