Age range: 2+

Optimal number of participants: 10

Duration: 10 minutes

150 $

Program includes:
  • Made using paper-mache technology
  • Filled with surprises and candies like a big Kinder egg
  • It comes with a stick for breaking it open one by one
  • Custom-made pinatas available upon request
  • A fascinating and joyful moment for any celebration
  • Manufacturing time is 5 days
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Do you know what no children’s party in Latin America is without? The classic piñata puts everyone at the party in a good mood and energizes them. Do you also want to add a twist to your planned celebration? Do you want to surprise your child? Happy birthday pinata from Fantasy Party agency is the perfect solution! This kind of entertainment is also suitable for weddings, corporate parties, school parties, and any other celebration where little guests need to be entertained.

Party with a pinata


Talented animators, tasty treats, songs, dances, and contests are obligatory elements of any child’s party. But what if you want to surprise your guests with something original? Birthday hitting pinata is just what you need! Our team will create a piñata of any shape to please the birthday boy and his friends. This exciting entertainment will be the highlight of the party!

What is a piñata? It’s a large, hollow toy created on the papier mache principle. The Happy birthday pinata is sure to be filled with delicious candy, nuts, glitter, and small soft toys. There can be so many ideas for serving this festive item! The guests’ task is to break the piñata so that the birthday child or another guest is showered with a “rain of sweets and surprises”.

Party with a pinata for sure the guests will remember for a long time. And to give guests even more positive emotions, you can invite a magician or organize an exciting show program with soap bubbles, paper, or foam rubber. And don’t forget to treat the event participants with delicious cotton candy or popcorn.

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