Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: 10

Duration: 1 hour

250 $

Program includes:
  • Professional photographer with good equipment
  • High-quality photos
  • About 150 photos with color correction and light touch-ups per one hour shooting
  • Production time of up to 14 days
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Organizing parties for children is a difficult task. Without an expert entertainer, the event can turn into a boring pastime. The work of a professional photographer who can capture the brightest moments of the celebration is also essential—organization of children’s parties in New York and the region – the specialty of the company Fantasy Party. The entertainers will easily find an approach to each child. Pictures will long remind you of a happy day and the emotions experienced.

How to organize a holiday?

Every child has different anniversaries in life:

  • birthday;
  • graduation in kindergarten;
  • school events;
  • a kindergarten celebration;
  • family celebrations, etc.

Only some people can make the event bright and filled with joy and fun. Parents pay a lot of attention to preparing treats for guests and gifts for the child. However, adults often forget about entertainment: active games, contests, riddles, and exciting tasks. As a result, kids get bored and play around. Parents, as a result, remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the party.

The organization of the holiday is an exceptional talent. Entertainer-professional must entice those present in the game. Our actors will present bright and positive emotions and leave an unforgettable impression in the kids’ memory.

After the photo shoot, parents and children will be able to enjoy the beautiful photos in years to come. Such photos will always radiate love and joy. Unfortunately, photos taken with an ordinary camera or a cell phone are often poor quality. If someone’s guests or relatives take the photos, they can be blurry and sometimes tasteless. Therefore, it is better to exclude amateur photo shooting. Ordering a professional is an opportunity to provide the event participants with quality photos.

The Fantasy Party children’s party agency offers expert videographers, water makeup artists, magicians, surprise balloons, and more.

Why do you need a professional photographer for a party?

Take a look at old photographs. They look like each other. As a rule, they are the same type of photos with relatives. The albums of our grandmothers and mothers are filled with such pictures. Photoshoots of the twenty-first century are in a completely different format. Photographers practice an original approach to staging and color correction. Special photo zones are equipped. Photography became a separate trend in art.

Why is it necessary to order a photographer for a holiday?

  • The expert knows how to behave with children. He can work in a kindergarten with a whole group and hold a shoot with one child in the studio in any image. Shooting outdoors is also possible.
  • Good equipment allows you to shoot high quality. Unfortunately, buying such equipment is expensive. Sometimes non-professionals purchase such devices, but with experience in filming, their photos will be more attractive.
  • Kids are very active. Only a pro can “catch” frolicking kids in the frame.
  • The price corresponds to the quality of the work. In addition, Fantasy Party offers the opportunity to get 150 photos (and more) with color correction.

Shaping the image for the photoshoot

You can create your image for each little one in a studio shoot. The photographer can combine the artistic outlines of a fantasy hero and the child’s personality. Many children love adventure, driving, and adventure. Photography can be done with the appropriate emphasis. If you use costumes, you will get unforgettable pictures. There are children with a calm temperament. For them, it suits sensual, light, enthusiastic photo shoots. It all depends on the preferences of each child.

The photographer is a real thinker. He can feel different situations and choose the most favorable locations, and scenery. Organization of holidays with the help of specialists – this is a way to make the kids a little happier. Bright pictures will remind him of a happy childhood!




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