Age range: 3+

Optimal number of kids: up to 20

Duration: 15 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • Congratulations from a mime, flower delivery
  • Working at Welcome events
  • Professional acting performance
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Multiple costume options
  • Joint photo captured on your device
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Pantomime today is a rare genre that is disappearing. A large number of people used to see it in the circus. Ordering a pantomime for a birthday or children’s party is an opportunity to really surprise the child and his guests. The participants in the festive event are usually happy to take part in the actor’s improvisations. The intelligence, complete improvisation, subtle humor and original miniatures of the pantomimes will become the highlight of any celebration.


Fantasy Party offers parents the opportunity to organize an unforgettable children’s event with the help of pantomime artists. Our agency employs professional mime artists who know how to cheer up every child without speaking a single word. The silent performances of the artists attract the eyes of young guests at the holiday, giving vivid emotions, introducing emotions in a new way.


Features of the pantomime masters


Ordering mimes for a children’s party is a unique decision that is rarely made, and very much in vain. Children of all ages who are faced with silent performances for the first time enjoy watching them. Artists help children to learn how to concentrate, grasp, and differentiate between different emotions, absolutely without words.


The pantomime artists who represent our agency are professional actors who can entertain children and perform an original show. Trained performers, using only their facial expressions and gestures, create exciting actions and tell stories that captivate all guests at the event and provide them with unforgettable experiences.


The performance of mime artists at a birthday party is guaranteed to arouse genuine interest among all event participants. Ordering mime actors for a children’s birthday party comes with many benefits:


– Great delight, unforgettable emotions in children and adults.

– There is no need to use different equipment, as well as musical instruments.

– The opportunity to organize a performance so that children become a part of it, active participants in the – story being told.

– No problems with equipment, lack of places for props. Mimes work with a minimal set of attributes, so they don’t need complicated training.


The cheerful performance of the actors, without a single word, causes delight and gives a lot of vivid impressions. Fantasy Party develops fascinating scenarios that allow clowns to introduce children to pantomime and attract and hold their attention throughout the performance.


Advantages of Fantasy Party


The cheerful performance by the actors without a single word is delightful, giving a lot of vivid impressions. Fantasy Party offers fascinating scenarios that allow clowns to teach children pantomime and attract and keep their attention throughout the performance. Our agency organizes and conducts children’s parties in New York. Fantasy Party designs interesting scenarios for a festive event, filling it with exciting shows, master classes, and other forms of entertainment. Benefits of our agency include:


– a large selection of ready-made holiday programs;

– writing an author’s script taking into account the wishes of the young birthday boy and his parents;

– the use of stylized costumes, high-quality festive attributes;

– a large number of additional services (mimes, life-size dolls, stilt walkers, sound engineers, photographers, as well as videographers);

– regular updating of the assortment of characters, festive scenarios.


Regular updates to the range of characters and party themes.Looking for where to order mimes for a children’s party? Contact Fantasy Party. Our managers will help you organize a great holiday that will leave a lasting impression on all guests. Our pantomime artists are guaranteed to make your event a “highlight”!



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