Limonad bar

Age range: 2+

Duration: 20 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 100 servings - 8,900 $
  • Fresh and delicious ingredients
  • Several flavor options available
  • The cost includes consumables
  • Bartender and serving included
  • Delivery and equipment installation included
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The Fantasy Party Agency is designed to create a festive atmosphere for any event. We guarantee lots of children’s smiles and a great mood for everyone. We are approachable to hold various events for kids of different ages. Each entertainer is a professional performer, so the kids are engaged from start to finish. No one will get bored. Our staff are ready to travel to kindergarten, schools, parks or homes to create a fantastic atmosphere.


Recently, we expanded our list of services by inviting a barista to provide lemonade bars. After all, young kids are always on the go, losing energy, and need to replenish it. Why not cool off with a healthy, sweet drink? The baristas will create unique lemonade drinks for each child, with or without syrups. And adults can watch the entertainers play with the children and enjoy aromatic coffee.


Outdor events with a lemonade bar


Despite the restrictions, I don’t want to deprive myself or my kids of a holiday. We know that, and therefore, we advise you not to postpone the birthday party for later. The celebration should take place on time with the participation of your favorite characters and should be captured in photos. A bar will complement the feeling of the holiday, where a barista will serve delicious lemonade. Anyone living in New York can take advantage of the service offered by the complex bar.


Should I carbonate a lemonade drink or not? This is optional. Some people prefer a classic milkshake, while others prefer a carbonated lemonade. Purified drinking water is used in all cases. Its quality cannot be doubted. If desired, certificates can be issued. Making lemonade does not take long, as we are talking about an experienced bartender of the highest caliber. Such a delightful experience will be remembered by children for a long time. Now it’s time to surprise the participants in the celebration with something new.


Among the agency’s additional offerings, the following stand out:

– ordering an entertainer for the children’s party room;

– conducting various workshops;

– organizing a holiday online;

– cryo-ice cream;

– various shows (soap bubbles, science, Tesla show, foam rubber, kids’ quest, puppet show);

– video greetings from the artists;

– drawing on water;

– creating slides;

– painting T-shirts;

– aquagrim;

– soap making.


If you want to surprise friends or acquaintances during the holiday or please children on a hot summer day, then you definitely need to order a lemonade bar outside the banquet hall. The original taste of the drink is guaranteed by a professional bartender. He has a wide range of flavors in his arsenal that will please every guest. Our original recipe allows us to create something new and unusual.


Portable lemonade bar for a children’s party.


Kids will feel like adults at their holiday. Each child will be able to go to the stand and choose between a cocktail, soda with syrup, or lemonade. There is no need to carbonate the drink. Choose between pear-lemon, mint, or watermelon – whatever flavor you prefer, you can enjoy it.


The barista from the Fantasy Party agency will bring coffee, ice, cups, a mobile bar, and ingredients for making cocktails, and will arrive at the designated time at the specified address to serve the guests. If you want to make the holiday unforgettable, then everything must be perfectly planned, including drinks of the highest quality. The Fantasy Party team will provide professional service.




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