Candy bar

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 20

from 250 $

Program includes:
  • Mini donuts, cupcakes, cake pops
  • Candies, meringues, and much more
  • We can create custom sets
  • Ready-made decoration options available
  • Custom design development
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The sweets bar has become a new idea for children’s parties in the United States. At all celebrations, a table with sweets in buffet style is served for children. Fantasy Party organizes the decoration of sweets bars at events in New York.


Traditionally, sweets are served at the end of a treat, but children are special guests, so we break stereotypes by offering services such as:

– decorating the hall in the same style as the sweets bar;

– serving sweets bars in the same way;

– entertainment programs on interesting topics;

– artists in the form of cartoon and comic characters;

– soap bubble shows;

– surprise balloons;

– pinatas.


The company will consider the style of serving desserts for all age groups, and will provide rental and delivery of furniture, equipment, and decor needed.


Contents of the sweets bar


When setting a buffet for children, one needs to take care not only about delicious desserts and aesthetics, but also about safety. The main conditions are stable furniture without sharp corners, unbreakable dishes, and the absence of elements that a child could choke on. The height of the table should match the height of children so that they can see and comfortably reach the treats. It is suggested to choose multi-level tables, which are versatile.


What is suitable for a sweet buffet?

– Trays with cakes, macaroons, and cupcakes should be laid out in the front.

– Tall vases with sweets and candies on sticks should be placed in the background.

– Multi-tiered vases filled with confectionery delicacies should be in the third plane.

– Decor should be installed in the center with flowers placed behind it and compositions of balloons attached from above. Disposable skewers, spoons, paper plates, and cups need to be purchased.


The sweet bar is filled with a variety of desserts and drinks. It should be designed in a consistent style. Maintain a maximum range of three colors, two in harmony and one contrasting.


The calculation of sweets is three units per child. During warmer months, children drink more, so expect at least half a liter of liquid per child. In cold weather, offer cocoa or a milkshake to children.


Stylish sweets bar design ideas


Stylish sweets bar designs can be found at Fantasy Party. The composition of the sweets will be attractive and decorate the celebration. Basic rules for a children’s sweet buffet:

– desserts should be portioned;

– the size of the sweets small so that children can eat them;

– each delicacy individually wrapped.


A sweet bar is appropriate for a child’s birthday party, a wedding, or a family anniversary. The simpler the design, the younger the children: small tables, one-tier, large containers and dessert sizes suitable for eating. For teenagers, more refined decor would be suitable.


Bars are designed for girls in styles and colors like:

– princesses in pink and peach;

– ponies: pastel lilac and beige;

– Barbie;

– Mickey Mouse;

– Tiffany style in delicate azure shades for teenage girls.

Boys are impressed by superheroes from comic books, cars, and airplanes, so add blue or red to the pastel colors.


The design of the sweet zone for different holidays


The organization and decoration of the celebration determine how the holiday will go. To make sure everyone is happy and the photo album filled with happy memories, use our agency’s services. You can also order a Fantasy Party for a kids’ birthday:

– decoration of halls

– cake

– artists

– photo and video shooting

– congratulations in online format

– various show programs

We provide for the rent of equipment for making sweets.




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