Chocolate fountain

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 30

210 $

Program includes:
  • 42 cm for 20 people - 7,900 $
  • 2 kg of Belgian chocolate
  • Delivery and equipment installation included
  • Consumables included
  • 3 packs of marshmallows
  • It is possible for a larger number of people, up to 60
  • Additional options to order fruits and serving are available
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A chocolate fountain can be used as a sweets bar decoration for any celebration. It looks impressive, if not captivating. This multi-tiered device melts chocolate, causing it to flow in cascades. The chocolate cascade requires chocolate that contains a lot of cocoa butter, which is a special variety used for fondue. This type of chocolate is not very viscous, ensuring the uniformity of melting and draining the chocolate mass.


You can order a chocolate fountain from the Fantasy Party website, which provides comprehensive services such as decorating the hall and providing a sweets bar, as well as delivering equipment. For regular events, it’s worth buying a device from an online store where its price is listed.


Where are chocolate fountains typically installed?


Significant celebrations like weddings or family holidays, as well as children’s birthdays, are enhanced by a chocolate fountain, which makes it both spectacular and delicious.

– Wedding banquet

– Children’s birthday

– Corporate parties

– New Year celebrations

– Teen parties.


Small chocolate fondue machines are worth buying for fans of home gatherings or socializing with friends.


Our company provides fountains and fondue rental. There is a difference between these devices. The chocolate fountain is a cascading set that is more spectacular and voluminous, designed for large numbers of guests. Its height can be up to 60 inches and it holds about 10 kilograms of chocolate. For large celebrations, such as weddings and anniversaries, three-tier fountains are installed.


Fondue is small in volume and simply maintains the temperature of liquid chocolate. Children will enjoy eating fruits dipped in the chocolate mass. To use the chocolate melting equipment, follow these steps:Guest reviews show that chocolate fountains delight them. For the holiday, order equipment from our company. You will receive a delicious and unusual dessert as well as good entertainment for guests. If you enjoy such a treat, don’t hesitate to purchase a small fountain device. Romantic and warm family evenings await you.


Cascading chocolate fountains are heated to 60 degrees Celsius. Therefore, children must dip fruits under adult supervision. Here are some goodies that can be dipped into chocolate:

– any fruit, whole or sliced;

– berries;

– marshmallows;

– biscuits;

– cookies.


Lovers of unusual flavors may try cheese in chocolate. Remember that chocolate fountains should not be used outdoors because dust and insects can get into melted chocolate, ruining the whole experience.


How chocolate fountains operate


A sufficient amount of chocolate for fondue is loaded into the container below. The heating element heats the niche and the chocolate becomes liquid. Under pressure, it rises to the top of the cascade, where it flows beautifully. This process continues continuously, and the amount of chocolate that can be loaded should not be exceeded. Ideal for use is a special chocolate mix that melts perfectly and creates beautiful cascades with a glittering effect.


Holidays are full of fun and treats, thanks to Fantasy Party!


Fantasy Party Agency offers children’s parties with everything you need for a perfect celebration.

– decoration of halls

– balloon compositions

– rental of equipment for catering

– artists

– different themed shows

– photo and video shooting


We make games, entertainment, performances and treats a single whole. All this creates a festive atmosphere. Properly selected decorations for the hall, and highlights of the celebration such as a sweets bar or chocolate fountain, will bring a lot of happy emotions for the birthday people and guests.




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