Cake to order

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 10

from 100 $

Program includes:
  • We specialize in making cakes using only natural ingredients
  • We have our team of professional pastry chefs and sculptors
  • We create cakes and pastries of any complexity
  • We work based on individual sketches or pictures found on the internet
  • We accept rush orders
  • Delivery is available within New York
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Cake is a traditional part of all celebrations. When it’s a child’s special day, they want a special cake. It should be beautiful, delicious and natural. Fantasy Party offers unique desserts in and around New York. Our birthday cakes are works of art. You can order them online with a photo selection. The price varies depending on the size and design of the cake.


Sweets have become a traditional treat since the advent of sugar. These special treats were only available on holidays, so children received sweets, cakes, and chocolate for their birthdays.


Confectioners use a variety of ingredients to decorate cakes, including:

– chocolate glaze

– mastic for creating figurines

– cream mixtures

– marshmallows

– marzipan

– fudge.


The filling is made from fresh fruit, and a minimal amount of food coloring is used.


Cake decorating ideas


Fantasy Party recommends celebrating birthdays in a themed way, decorating the room and setting the table in the same style. The older child can choose what character or theme the party should be based on, while parents make the decision for the baby’s first birthday.


When it comes to decorating the room, parents can choose what to buy and what kind of cake to get for a one-year-old.


Hall decoration will include cute dolls and strollers. The most important thing is to beautifully decorate the photo area so that memorable photos with the child will evoke happy memories. For girls, we recommend choosing traditional delicate colors such as pink and lilac. The hall for the boy should be decorated in calm pastel shades like light green and blue. Bright colors may irritate children.


The cake should be decorated with a number corresponding to the age of the birthday child. Also, we can install digital decor in the photo area. The average age of our clients is 4-6 years. When a child watches cartoons and plays games, we can organize themed parties. For these children, our company can bake and deliver cakes shaped like their favorite characters.


Here are some ideas for themed birthday cakes:

– A princess’s castle cake

– A pirate flag cake

– A marine life cake

– Spider-Man cake

– SpongeBob cake


Fantasy Party offers a wide range of birthday party services, including a stylish cake and an entertainer dressed as a favorite character who will perform exciting shows with magic tricks, balloon arrangements, and outdoor games.


Types of sweet treats


Here are some ideas for a menu:

– Delicious sandwiches

– Fresh fruit platters

– Natural beverages: water, juices, compotes

– Sweets, marshmallows, and candies


The cake can be made from sponges, shortbread, or meringues. It’s best to avoid nuts as some children might be allergic to them. Instead of cream, glaze or mastic is a better choice. The filling can be condensed milk or jam, and fresh fruit can serve as decorations.


Our entertainers will beautifully present the birthday cake. Don’t forget about the candles! Children will happily blow them out, feeling the solemnity of the moment.


We have fun parties!


The way the birthday celebration goes depends on the party program we have planned. Our experienced artists will bring props, music, and a carefully crafted script. Here are some of the shows we can offer:

– Soap bubble show, from tiny bubbles to a snowstorm of bubbles

– A surprising balloon and pinata reveal

– Magic tricks and illusions

– Puppet theater performance

– Cryo show with cool effects

– Balloon figure creation


You can choose to mix and match different elements from these shows, or simply opt for one that best suits your child’s interests. We’ll make sure to find the perfect show for their age and personality.




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