Balloon surprise

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 10

Duration: 10 minutes

150 $

Program includes:
  • A vast 1x1 m balloon of any color
  • Filled with 80 small balloons, candy, and confetti
  • Filled with small gifts and notes with wishes upon request
  • Very spectacularly bursting at the end of the program
  • A beautiful fireworks display of prizes for the children at the end of the party
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Children’s parties are a busy and exhausting activity. It is challenging to make the event bright and memorable. The Fantasy Party company guarantees the organization of the most original entertainment in New York and the region. Especially for your child will be selected an exciting scenario, an organized holiday with your favorite fairy tale characters, adventures, quizzes, fun assignments, and contests. The perfect gift for children of any age is a surprise balloon.

What is a balloon with a surprise?

A giant balloon (100 by 100 cm) filled with candy, small balloons, and confetti. This object explodes over the head of the guests. An unforgettable spectacle arises from the candy fireworks and other gifts. Balloon-filling ideas can be different:

  • 80 balloons;
  • notes with wishes;
  • sweets;
  • confetti;
  • any suitable item from the store (at the parents’ request), etc.

The actor can present the item as a wish balloon. Watching the kids learn their wishes from the magic ball will be nice. Prizes will please them. The service cost is not high, but the children will get emotional.

Internet party with a surprise balloon

The Fantasy Party conducts celebrations over the Internet. This form of event is popular during quarantine. The online party will complement the purchase of the balloon. It is possible to organize a performance according to an individual scenario:

  • Order a surprise with delivery in a sealed box.
  • Conduct a virtual evening.
  • Involve adult helpers, and blow up the wishing balloon, making a child’s life brighter and happier.

The child will have more joyful emotions and forget the pleasant word “quarantine.”

How to have a perfect party?

It’s impossible to predict what the kids will like. Adults and kids have different notions of fun. Quiet get-togethers in the “child, guests, and parents” format may disappoint the birthday child. Such a holiday will pass unnoticed by the kid and his guests. Children’s parties should not be limited to a table with sweets and quiet conversations.

Where a few kids are gathering, there is always fun and noise. So you need to prepare mentally for chaos in the house. Avoiding turmoil and channeling children’s energy in the right direction is possible. But that can only be done by experts. The Fantasy Party staff has a pedagogical, theatrical background. The organization’s experience and the appropriate specialization make it possible to organize a perfect holiday. Specialists will come up with an original show:

  • soap;
  • paper;
  • cryo;
  • foam;
  • scientific;
  • magic tricks;
  • a quest program;
  • combined performance.

Holding children’s events with actors is an excellent solution for adults and children. A themed evening will save time and money. The cost of such a celebration will not be realistic. The funds invested in preparing a home celebration will allow a more fun birthday party with entertainers. A surprise balloon contest will be perfect for an anniversary. It complements any show program filled with energy-themed projects. Entertainers can find a key to each little guest, involve them in an entertaining game, make them happy with an unusual contest, and surprise them with tricks.

Bright impressions, loads of positive emotions, happiness, and fun – all this is provided by the Fantasy Party company. Children and parents will be happy with such a celebration. Holding children’s parties by entertainers will long be remembered by the child. Together with a magic ball, the performance will be a true gift for him. So take the chance to please your child and prove that he has the best parents in the world!




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