Fantasy Party

Optimal number: 5-30

Duration: 1 hour

470 $

390 $

Program includes:
  • 1 hour
  • 2 performers (you can choose any costumes)
  • Fanny games with props, contests, dances
  • Mini bobbles show : some tricks from hands , babbles from props , big bobbles , without placed all kids in a large bubble)
  • Face painting, tattoo, glitter
  • Balloon twisting
  • Music from spiker
  • Bringing your cake
  • *Travel fee (please, check with your consultant)
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The Fantasy Party package includes any entertainment program with 2 entertainers at a promotional price. First comes the animation program, which lasts 1 hour, then follows the science show for 40 minutes. Also, you get aqua make-up and a surprise balloon as a gift! The first hour of entertainment will include musical accompaniment, games with colorful and unusual props, tricks, balloon figures, face painting, and a solemn bringing out of the cake. For a pleasant price, you get a quality holiday with professional entertainers! Our team consists of guys with theater and pedagogical education. Also, previously, the whole team was writing a scenario, preparing props and costumes, and working on the artist’s image so he most corresponded to your child’s favorite character. You can see even more photos, videos, and reviews of the holidays on our Instagram.

Next, after an hour, the kids will have a fantastic science show with a wacky professor, the experiments will please both children and adults! If you’ve seen a chemistry show somewhere before, we’ll always come up with something to surprise you! Each professor’s arsenal includes many experiments you can’t count: pharon snake, elephant toothpaste, gin, kapitoshka, fire on his hand, volcano, smoke billowing all over the floor, etc. Then, one of the entertainers will perform the science show, or another entertainer will come. This type of show is always to the delight of children and adults alike, and everyone is delighted! Everything will look as colorful as beautiful fireworks, and your party will be unforgettable! We have combined ready packages for the most actual requests and favorable prices for you, but you can also make your package of any of our services for attractive prices on our website Fantasy Party!




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