Funny Party +

Optimal number of kids: up to 30

Duration: 2 hours

420 $

350 $

Program includes:
  • 2 hours
  • 1 performer (you can choose any costume)
  • Fanny games with props, contests, dances
  • Mini bobbles show : some tricks from hands, babbles from props, big bobbles, without placed all kids in a large bubble
  • Face painting, tattoo, glitter
  • Balloon twisting
  • Music from spiker
  • Bringing your cake
  • *Travel fee (please, check with your consultant)
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What’s the difference with the Funny party package? Yes, in that it is even more profitable! In addition to the fact that the work of the second entertainer comes at a discounted price, and the package includes aqua makeup as a gift for each child. For years of training, our entertainers have struck a hand and can draw quality watercolors with sequins, rhinestones, etc. Well, if your child does not like aqua makeup, or you would not like it as a gift, in this case, you can choose instead of the balloon surprise, which will be filled with 80 little balls, candy, confetti, and at the end of the holiday it will explode as fireworks with all these gifts!

The holiday program is in 2 parts. The first part lasts for 1 hour, it includes the work of the entertainers’ games with colorful and unusual props (the snake on the arm, giant shorts, pizza, etc.). Our entertainers have a theatrical or pedagogical education and years of experience working with children. Before the entire team, we’ll write a scenario, prepare props, and perform on speech and the entertainer’s appearance so it best corresponds to the character. In addition to games, the program will include magic tricks, figurines of balloons, water makeup, and a cake-bringing ceremony.

Then, followed by the second part, where one of the entertainers will show a fantastic soap show! The show will include professional tricks with giant bubbles, smoke, and fire! Finally, it will all end with an immersion in a giant soap bubble! The soap show is always popular at children’s and adult parties (corporate parties, weddings). Also, a reminder that on this site, we have combined packages for you according to the most popular requests, but you can always make your package at an attractive price, and from our side, we will do everything qualitatively, so that your holiday will be remembered for years to come!




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