Vases with colored sand

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Several types of colored sand
  • Creating a beautiful pattern from layers of sand
  • A beautiful vase as a keepsake
  • We provide all the materials
  • A very engaging process, especially for young children
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Recently, colored sand has become a real trend. It is often purchased for therapeutic activities with children. In addition to its relaxing therapeutic benefits and development of hand motor skills, colored sand is used for creating decorative vases. A transparent vessel filled with colored sand is a fashionable accessory that can enhance any interior. Such a vase is precious if a child makes it. Creating an original glass composition under the guidance of a mentor is relatively easy. Even a child can handle this task.

The features of the masterclass

Working with colored sand provides a vast space for children’s creativity. It allows them to create original crafts and even entire artworks. During the masterclass on making sand art vases, children will learn the unique technique of layering sand. This technique lets them fill glass containers such as vases, bottles, or jars with colored sand. The instructor of the masterclass will explain each detail clearly and comprehensively. Children will quickly demonstrate their skills by sequentially layering different colors of sand into transparent containers.

Throughout the masterclass, children will learn to select color palettes and combine colors to create unique designs. Smooth-walled containers are used to develop their skills. If the layering is done correctly, the plan will stay intact.

Colored sand is an entirely organic product. Even children with allergies can work with it. Cornstarch and natural dyes are used as additives to the sand. With this technique, a regular gloomy day can be transformed into a happy and vibrant one. The main goal of such a masterclass is children’s intellectual and creative development as they learn to create real sand masterpieces. The instructor will engage children in making a vase, helping them develop fine motor skills and artistic perception.

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