Trendy cap design

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • We provide all the materials
  • Designing caps for children
  • Rhinestones, studs, gems, acrylic paints, etc.
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The current generation of children needs to be more easily impressed. The abundance of available entertainment options makes it challenging for parents to choose the right program. They want something original and unique. A masterclass on fashionable cap design is an excellent idea for a birthday party, morning gathering, or school celebration. With this activity, there’s no need to search for caps or baseball hats with unusual prints and decorations anymore. It’s easy to create them with your own hands.

Advantages of the Masterclass

A developmental masterclass on cap decoration is an excellent opportunity to discover new talents in children. The child will feel like a real designer, and the masterclass instructor will explain each detail clearly and comprehensively. Children will start demonstrating their skills almost immediately.

The advantages of this type of event include:

  • Children will acquire new skills and abilities while having fun and enjoying themselves, creating a positive mood.
  • They will bring their original designs to life on the caps, decorating them uniquely.
  • During the masterclass, children will develop attentiveness, perseverance, and concentration. They will create an original item reflecting their style and beauty ideas.
  • Young fashion enthusiasts will adorn their caps using acrylic paints, sparkling sequins, appliques, and accessories.
  • It is a truly engaging activity that allows children to express their creative ideas. The event occurs in a friendly atmosphere of mutual assistance, ease, and comfort.
  • The masterclass instructor will guide the children’s creative energy in the right direction, inspiring them with positive emotions and a desire to create something new. They will address any questions, demonstrate fabric painting techniques, and discuss the intricacies of working with decorations.
  • The themed masterclass will help identify the potential of future designers. Children will be able to create unique caps not only for themselves but also for their loved ones. The complexity level of the masterclass program is tailored to the age group and the number of children involved.

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The Fantasy Party agency offers a vibrant range of themed show programs, developmental masterclasses, and performances, including:

Ordering a spectacular show program with young, charismatic entertainers, professional circus artists, and other specialists is easy. Our profiles are available on WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB. The Fantasy Party team organizes festive shows for children in New York, leaving every child delighted. We will take care of all the hassle of managing the celebration. Leave a request for a callback, and theFantasy Party managers will contact you as soon as possible. Fantasy Party staff knows how to captivate your children.




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