T-shirt painting

Age range: 7+

Optimal number of participants: 10

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Our T-shirts and materials for up to 10 children
  • We teach you to draw any pictures
  • Drawing on your sketches (pictures from the Internet)
  • High quality 100% cotton t-shirts
  • Quality acrylic paints
  • A very creative and fun workshop
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The entertainer is to make a children’s party fun and exciting. Masterclasses for the celebration cope with this task. Fantasy Party organizes events in New York and the region. Conducted outreach programs for adults and children. T-shirt painting for kids and older people is exciting activity!

Why do you need t-shirts with lettering?

Everyone needs to emphasize their character. Children see bright colors and favorite characters in drawings on clothing. Drawing on fabrics is fun, and the child gets a T-shirt with a famous character. Different images are used as a pattern:

  • unicorns;
  • Lego world;
  • Ninjago;
  • Batman;
  • fairy tale creatures, etc.

Do you want to please your son or daughter? Book a masterclass on drawing clothes. With the help of entertainment, the child can generate creative ideas on the fabric. In such a T-shirt, the kid will be pleasant to walk around. Anything made with their own hands looks irresistible and stylish!

Masterclass on painting on a T-shirt

Schoolchildren are happy to take part in painting fabrics. The event is designed for ten people. Two actors are needed for more participants. The duration of the program is one hour.

How the process is organized:

  • An event plan and the number of participants are agreed upon. Suggested sketches are specified. Templates are created with the children’s preferences in mind. The Fantasy Party staff procures the necessary items. Materials are high quality (before the masterclass they washed and ironed).
  • The expert arrives at the specified location with props: exemplary acrylic paints, glitter, etc. Clients do not need to buy supplies. Instead, the master brings tablecloths, disposable gloves, and aprons.
  • The painting technique is simple. Masters will help create a good sketch, even for a schoolboy who does not know how to draw. After work, the shirts are dried.
  • After drying, the fabric must be ironed before putting them on.

The program will help unleash a child’s creative potential and captivate people of different generations.

Party entertainers

Parents try to organize a party in an ideal way. Often they fail. Only some have the appropriate education and experience. Sometimes evenings fail. Some children get bored. Others get naughty. Adults try to remedy the situation but often need to interest the young tomboys.

In this case, what does an entertainer do?

  • Supervises that the kids did not quarrel and did not fight.
  • Draws attention to each kid.
  • Entices children with an exciting idea.

Teaches participants various skills. Some girls and boys enjoy drawing on clothes so much that it becomes a lifelong hobby.

It is necessary to interest the participants and to teach them to work as a team. For some, the result of the drawing may be unsuccessful. The leader can calm down and help correct the situation. In most cases, kids can draw according to a specific pattern. A successful experience will be remembered.

Anything made by one’s hand is much nicer than a purchased one. The child creates not a drawing but their own story. Therefore, such clothes are pleasant to wear. Fabric is not eternal but memories. On the contrary, live with a person until old age. Your son or daughter will remember an unforgettable birthday or another holiday. Good emotions will be associated with parental love. The Fantasy Party agency offers the services of event organizers to make your children happy!





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