Squish making

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Making squishes of any shape
  • Providing all necessary materials
  • DIY antistress toy
  • Develops dexterity, hand motor skills, as well as imagination
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Today’s kids love making squishies. Even adults like these anti-stress toys. They are soft, so they are pleasant to crumple in their hands. Squishies come in many different shapes and colors. They are often made in the form of fruits, animals, and fairy tale characters. Such a toy easily distracts the child and cheers him up. And what could be better than to make it yourself together?

Squishy making

Making Squishies for Kids, New YorkMaking squishies not only relieves stress and soothes and develops fine motor skills. The latter is beneficial because their nerve endings are sensitive to different surfaces. In addition, since the toys are soft and pleasant to touch, an impulse is transmitted to the brain, which is responsible for improving well-being.

Classes on making squishies are fun. They allow the child to show imagination and creativity. You can make a beautiful toy from various materials: paper, plasticine, absorbent cotton, and more. It is not necessary to have special skills, so even a child can cope with such a task.

A competent master will help kids bring ideas to life and improve them. So, entertainers:

  • help you decide what to choose and transfer the outline to paper;
  • advise which filler is best for this or that handicraft;
  • help you glue the toy to make it look nice and neat.

Making a squishy is a lot of fun for children. Having acquired new skills, they can use and make similar toys independently.

Squishy birthday party

In recent years, this has been a trendy theme among kids. A theme party will help make the holiday fun and unforgettable. All the children, with great interest, will listen to the master class and try to make the most beautiful toy.

From themed costumes to decorations and games, our entertainers think through these celebrations to the smallest detail. A squishy birthday party is a party your child will remember for many years. Such a party is perfect for any number of guests, and each of them will not leave the party empty-handed.

The organizers bring all the necessary materials and props for squishy making. So you don’t have to decide what to buy for the crafts and how much of it. Experienced specialists will also tell you the best materials to make toys and how to ensure their long-term preservation.

A celebration from Fantasy Party

Making Squishies for Kids, New YorkNew Yorkers interested in places making squishy near me are encouraged to take advantage of Fantasy Party. We are:

  • organization of children’s parties for every taste and every budget;
  • a team of professional artists and entertainers;
  • 155 characters in the catalog;
  • unique show programs;
  • guarantee of high-quality services;
  • individual approach to each child.

We have more than 2 thousand children’s events and many satisfied customers. We know how to find a common language with all children. That’s why our events are fun and memorable for everyone.

To contact us, fill out the form on the website or call us by phone. Together we will find the perfect party for your child! We consider the number of guests, ages, and preferences. Regular customers are guaranteed a discount!





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