Age range: 5+

Optimal number of participants: 10

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Consumables for up to 10 participants
  • Each participant will receive several pieces of soap in a beautiful package
  • Only high-quality materials will be used
  • Various fragrances and fillers will be included
  • The soap will come in different shapes and sizes
  • You must have a microwave available
  • A very engaging and creative masterclass
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You can order a soap-making masterclass for children from our agency. This is a fascinating process for kids. They enjoy making soap in different shapes and sizes and choosing colors and scents. Everyone wants to feel like a master soap maker. Our masterclass on soap making is designed for 10 participants, with an additional fee for any extra participants solely for the cost of materials. The instructor will bring all the necessary equipment and materials to your chosen location, and if desired, you can arrive in costume as one of our characters. It is a lot of fun, as creating your designer soap is impressive and even more enjoyable with our agency’s entertainers.

Interesting fact: if we were discussing chemical terms, we could define soap as a salt. An acid and a base react with each other and neutralize in the form of a salt or soap. Soap is a product that people use when taking a bath or shower to keep their bodies clean and smelling fresh or with some other scent, like floral. It all depends on the fragrance that is included in the soap. This product can be liquid or solid, and you can choose a convenient one.

We inherited the secrets of soap making from Byzantium, and local soap-making masters only appeared in the 15th century. Artisans learned how to make soap from potash and animal fats. Thus, every home had an established production of this essential household product. Unfortunately, the basis of potash was precisely ash. By the beginning of the reign of Peter I, the issue of finding a cheaper substitute for potash had become urgent. The problem was solved in 1685 when the French chemist Nicolas Leblanc obtained Soda from table salt. This excellent alkaline material replaced the potash.

Our masterclass will use components such as soap bases, dyes, molds, and fragrances. Soap making for children includes dye, which is added as desired, helping to create a unique color to the finished soap. In addition, special cosmetic fragrances or food flavorings make scented soap, giving the product a unique scent. The presence of a microwave is mandatory for the masterclass, as the instructor will need it to melt the soap base and mix it with the fragrance and dye. As a result, the children will be delighted with the finished fragrant soap in the form of shells, stars, butterflies, hearts, etc. Each child can make several pieces of soap and decorate them in a beautiful box as a gift for their loved ones.




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