Salt dough molding

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Making figurines out of salt dough
  • All materials provided
  • Sculpting and painting
  • Develops agility, thinking skills, and imagination
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Salt dough is a pliable material that can be used to create various exciting crafts: animal figurines, dolls, lettering, numbers – anything you can imagine. Working with salt dough is an engaging activity requiring no special knowledge or skills. Salt, water, and flour make the material for dough modeling completely safe. The dough is soft, allowing beginners to create beautiful figurines. The prepared salt dough doesn’t crumble, and its crafts can be preserved for a long time.

Features of the masterclass

Salt dough modeling is suitable for both preschool and school settings. Working with dough helps develop children’s motor skills and speech. The activities’ theme and difficulty level depend on the children’s age and the client’s preferences.

Initially, the child will learn to mold simple figures and move on to more complex crafts. By mastering the skills of working with dough and applying their imagination, they can create unique creations, including paintings and three-dimensional panels.

The masterclass is conducted in an entertaining format. Children will learn:

  • Creating various figures from the dough. The child can independently mold figures such as hedgehogs, larks, owls, mushrooms, houses, flowers, pumpkins, dolls, etc. Working with dough provides an excellent platform for experimentation.
  • Once the crafts are completed, the instructor will explain how to dry them to preserve their shape.
  • Decorating the crafts. Watercolor paints, beads, buttons, and other embellishments are used for decoration. The variety of decorations allows for the realization of any idea. The children’s creativity ensures that all salt dough figures will be unique and unlike any other.

Children will have fun throughout the masterclass and take home a handmade salt dough figure. Creating crafts from dough contributes to children’s finger flexibility and dexterity development. They will strive to think through every detail of their creations, fostering creative thinking.

This event format is suitable for birthdays, graduations, and school performances. Additionally, it can be an excellent way to give a child a memorable experience without a specific occasion. A salt dough figure-making masterclass is perfect for a family day event or celebration.

Other forms of entertainment

The Fantasy Party agency offers a wide range of entertainment activities for children, including:

  • Fairy tale shows: Inquisitive “little why-askers” can enjoy a cryo-show with a funny professor demonstrating exciting experiments.
  • Little ladies can have fun dancing at a princess ball, while robot enthusiasts can attend a Transformers show. The robots light up and look just like the real ones.
  • For lovers of spectacular performances, the agency organizes light shows with dancers and acrobats in beautiful costumes.
  • Those who want to spend their time productively can participate in workshops on making jewelry, creating gingerbread cookies, decorating headbands with flowers, making soap, T-shirt painting, and more.

The children will be accompanied by charismatic entertainers dressed as beloved cartoon characters: dinosaurs, unicorns, Rapunzel, Moana, Luntik and Mila, and Minions.

The Fantasy Party agency organizes events of any complexity in New York. You can contact us by phone or request a callback. We also have profiles on WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB. The Fantasy Party team is always available. Our team of managers will handle all the organizational hassles for your celebration.




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