Pumpkin decoration

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
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One of our favorite decorations, without which no Halloween is held, is the decoration of a pumpkin. What could be more interesting for children than making such a decoration yourself? Order a master class on pumpkin decorating for kids, and arrange an unforgettable holiday for your child! We have options for activities for children of all ages!

Pumpkin decoration for toddlers

Pumpkin decoration for Kids, New YorkWe offer variants of pumpkin decorations that even the youngest participants in the master class can do:

  • the pumpkin can be decorated with buttons and ribbons;
  • beads, leaves, and string can be used to make a themed leaflet;
  • the pumpkin can be painted quickly with paints and a marker;
  • confetti can be used to create a confetti pumpkin;
  • a pumpkin mask decorated with various stickers, feathers, and pompoms will be a fashionable accessory;
  • if there is no actual pumpkin, make decorations from paper.

There are many variations. The complexity of the master class is chosen depending on the participant’s age and parents’ wishes. You don’t have to worry; we will find an individual approach for all kids.

Кids pumpkin decoration: the peculiarities of the event

At such creative events, you can learn how to make various crafts:

  • pumpkin characters from your favorite movies and cartoons;
  • spooky pumpkins as Halloween-themed decorations;
  • Halloween menu dishes and more.

Pumpkin decoration for Kids, New YorkParents do not need to worry. The leader will bring all the necessary materials and tools. Workshops are held under the strict supervision of masters, who ensure the children follow all safety precautions. At the end of the class, everyone will acquire new skills and learn how to make decorations for a holiday. If desired, the event can take place in game form and be accompanied by entertainment from the entertainers.

The master class can be held at any convenient location, either at home, in a cafe, or in nature. It is easy to find a suitable place in New York!

Our master classes not only allow children to have fun but also benefit them. They develop fine motor skills, promote the creative and intellectual development of the child, and train imagination and fantasy. In addition, children learn to communicate with each other, work as a team, appreciate labor, and try to make decorations better than others.

Decoration of pumpkin от Fantasy Party

We have been professionally organizing children’s parties for over five years. Under our belt are about 2000 holding parties! If you are interested in pumpkin decorating near me in NYC, you’ve come to the right place! We have:

  • professional children’s entertainers and artists;
  • unique show programs and fascinating master classes;
  • high-quality and interesting costumes;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • 155 characters in the catalog;
  • discounts for regular clients.

Pumpkin decoration for Kids, New YorkChildren grow up so fast. Give them as many bright and joyful memories as possible. To make their holiday memorable, you must make it unusual and original. To do this, we offer to organize an educational workshop, hold a show program, and order animators.

A professional photographer can accompany all events. He will capture all the moments of the holiday, which you can review in the photographs again and again.

Pumpkin decorating for kids, bubble show, origami, drawing on the water, sand vases – this is not the entire list of activities you can take your children during the holiday.

Call us or fill out the form on the website. We’ll find the perfect party for your taste and budget!




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