Picture frame decoration

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Decorating photo frames with various materials
  • Rhinestones, sequins, fabric, seashells, etc.
  • We provide photo frames and all materials
  • An engaging and creative process for children and parents
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Photography has become a separate form of art. Just like paintings, photos need to be framed. A photo frame fits perfectly into a home interior, especially regarding a particular structure for family photos. Why is it unique? Because if you entrust its creation to a child, they will use their hands to make a unique decoration. This way, not only the photograph from a birthday becomes memorable but also the frame itself. Fantasy Party entertainers organize children’s birthday parties and conduct a masterclass on decorating photo frames for all the little guests.

Digital images are stored on computers, but it’s so pleasant to surround ourselves with the faces of our loved ones. Especially when captured in the happiest moments, such photos deserve extraordinary frames. The hosts of the masterclass from Fantasy Party will show how to make them and reveal all the secrets of their creations to the little artists.

Creating photo frames

Decorating photo frames is a creative and engaging activity. The decoration can be done using various techniques:

  • Eco-style: Natural materials such as seashells, twigs, dried leaves, petals, grains, and nuts are used in this style. These elements can be attached to a woo
  • den frame using glue. Before attaching them, they can be painted with colors or adorned with gold or silver spray.
  • Quilling: Colorful paper strips are used to create flowers and figures. They are then attached to a cardboard base for the photo.
  • A cardboard frame can be covered with fabric. It is recommended to add foam or cotton underneath to create volume.
  • Silk threads of different shades can serve as decorative elements. They can be twisted into monochrome or multicolored cords, and glued onto the frame.
  • Japanese Kanzashi flowers can be made from satin ribbons and adorned with rhinestones and gems. Such floral compositions can also be attached to the frame.

Simple materials like paper, leaves, and threads are safe for children and easy to work with. Creating a family tree is a popular craft activity as it symbolizes the memory of one’s ancestry. Children can decorate each tree branch and hang the framed artwork on the wall.

How to make a celebration fun and educational?

Our agency can organize a children’s festival in New York at a professional level. Our entertainers possess acting skills, knowledge of child psychology, excellent communication skills, and a genuine passion for their work, allowing them to conduct birthday parties brilliantly.

Here are the services offered by our company:

  • Educational, instructive, and developmental masterclasses
  • Quests
  • Themed shows
  • Magic tricks
  • Face painting
  • Beloved characters
  • All festive accessories: surprise balloons, piñatas, etc.

Our entertainers can come to your home, daycare, or school. They can handle a group of children at mass events as well. They bring all the necessary props and equipment with them. The organizers will assist you in determining the duration of the show. For younger children, 1-2 hours are usually sufficient. For older children, more entertainment elements can be included. Parents know their children’s temperament and preferences, and the party program is tailored to accommodate these preferences. Beautiful photos with beloved characters and handmade souvenirs will serve as lasting memories of the occasion.

Why do children love masterclasses so much?

Children love it when they receive attention and play with them. They see themselves as extraordinary, talented, and fabulous. Our entertainers help them express themselves. All the masterclasses encourage the manifestation of their creative abilities. Order one of them for your children’s party:

  • Creative: creating flower bouquets, sculpting, and crafting with various materials.
  • Active and fun: dance workshops, bubble tricks, magic tricks.
  • Culinary: preparing sushi rolls, burgers, and ice cream.

Whatever children and parents do together will bring them closer and demonstrate how much they love each other. And as a keepsake of the fun time spent together, souvenirs and crafts will be created with their own hands.




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