Perfume making

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Creating your own perfumes
  • We provide oils, fragrances, molds, and bottles
  • Everyone will take home a beautiful perfume bottle
  • It's a very engaging and creative process
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Buying perfume in a store is easy, but creating extraordinary scents with your hands is an opportunity that only comes sometimes. Any child would be interested in learning new things about the world of fragrances, creating a unique recipe, and creating their perfume. All of this is possible at the workshop organized by the Fantasy Party agency team. Our hosts will help make the celebration in New York fun, extraordinary, and educational. Children can expect deep emotions, a creative journey, and a bottle of their signature scent as gifts.

How does the masterclass proceed?

A perfumer is a mysterious and extraordinary profession that immerses individuals in the secret world of scents. Today, every child can learn this delicate art at a perfume-making masterclass. The hosts will prepare all the necessary props and materials for the children’s celebration. These include essential oils, flowers, herbs, and leaves. Each participant will be given a bottle with a fixative to place their created composition.

The children will be taught how to create perfumes, which scents complement each other, and in what proportions they should be blended. Each participant will choose materials for making their perfume. The children will learn about the formation of top notes, the heart of the fragrance, and the lingering base notes. They will then proceed to blend the ingredients. With the flight of imagination, complete freedom of choice, an engaging process, and a true masterpiece, this children’s celebration will leave many unforgettable impressions.

Creating Perfumes: Benefits and an Engaging Process

During the perfume-making masterclass, children have an exciting and enjoyable time, acquire new skills, learn to work as a team, and gain valuable knowledge. Each participant will learn to create their own unique and individual fragrance, experiencing what it feels like to be a famous creator like Chanel or Gucci.

What makes a children’s celebration with a perfume-making lesson so appealing?

  • Participants learn many new things in a playful and fun way.
  • They learn to pay attention to their senses, particularly their sense of smell.
  • Attention span, precision, and diligence are improved.
  • They interact with other participants, gaining knowledge about communication and social life.
  • Creative abilities and imagination are developed.
  • They generate creative ideas and successfully bring them to life.

Since every child has different tastes and interests, finding an equally exciting activity for boys and girls of different ages can be challenging. Creating things with their hands is an engaging process for all participants. The opportunity to delve into the mysterious world of scents and create their perfume will undoubtedly delight any child.

Why is it interesting to be with us?

All children eagerly await holidays, presents, and exciting experiences. Parents try their best to fulfill the wishes of their beloved children, but it can be challenging. That’s why it’s worth entrusting the organization of a children’s celebration to professionals who can help choose the theme, write the script, and conduct the event. We will help organize morning assemblies, birthdays, graduations, and any other event in New York. With our creative team, our ability to work with children, and modern, high-quality props, it will be fun and exciting with us.

At Fantasy Party agency, you can order themed show programs, masterclasses, discos, puppet theater, petting zoo, and more. Entertainers dressed up as favorite characters, bubble shows, contests, quests, quizzes—nothing is impossible for us. Many entertainment options, prizes, and gifts for participants will make the children’s celebration magical and memorable. Request a callback, and our managers will answer your questions.




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