Painting of Venetian masks

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

350 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • We draw beautiful patterns using stencils with children
  • We provide all the materials
  • Bright and sparkling with feather decorations
  • A highly creative process that develops imagination
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Venice is known worldwide for its unique location on the water. Its gondolas, carnivals, and masks are also famous. The mask was a symbol of anonymity. It has become a beautiful tradition integral to festive carnival costumes.

Venetian masks suit various characters and occasions, including

  • New Year’s morning performances.
  • Themed plays.
  • Dance competitions.
  • Carnivals.

The Venetian mask covers half of the face and is known for its vibrant colors and elaborate decorations with rhinestones, lace, and feathers. Fantasy Party agency is organizing an exciting “Painting Venetian Masks” masterclass in New York. During the class, children will have the opportunity to create their unique accessories with their own hands. They can unleash their creativity and paint the masks according to their preferences, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It’s a fun and engaging activity that allows children to express themselves artistically and take home a unique accessory they can cherish.

Types of Venetian Masks

In the past, masks were worn by both the wealthy and the poor in Venice. They completely concealed their faces. This allowed the citizens to protect themselves from accountability: if they were not recognized, they were not considered guilty. During epidemics, doctors wore “plague” masks with long noses. During the carnival, people would wear half-masks. Actors in the theater would don the mask of Arlecchino or other characters.

In our master class, we paint papier-mâché half-masks. These paper crafts can easily be decorated with any ornamentation. Our hosts will captivate the children with stories about Venice and the history of masks and teach them various decorating techniques. Children greatly enjoy creating vibrant and unusual patterns.

The following steps are typically involved during the masterclass:

  • The mask’s base can be made from papier-mâché or unique plastic materials.
  • A special primer is applied to the mask, providing an ideal surface for painting.
  • The mask is decorated with rhinestones, feathers, ribbons, and lace.

These steps allow for creativity and customization in the decoration of the masks, resulting in unique and visually appealing designs. The instructors provide guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring each child can create a personalized mask.

Materials and ideas for painting

Any masterclass from Fantasy Party will bring variety to a children’s celebration. The kids will have a break from running around and engage in an exciting activity. All children love to create, and parents enjoy participating in the process.

Here’s what you’ll need for Venetian mask painting:

  • Mask blanks
  • Acrylic paints (regular and metallic)
  • Pencil
  • Brushes of various sizes
  • Glue
  • Glossy acrylic varnish
  • Decorations

First, choose the desired design. The instructor will help the children decide whether they want a romantic, New Year-themed, mysterious, or bold mask. They will also assist in selecting the right color combinations and patterns. The final and crucial touch is adding decorations. Gold accents and sparkling sequins are perfect for a joyful New Year celebration. The decoupage technique can create a unique mask:

  • Use a pencil to outline the future design on the mask.
  • Apply paints to different sections.
  • Cut out a pattern from a napkin.
  • Glue it to the surface using decoupage glue.

Add glitter along the mask’s outline. Finally, seal everything with glossy acrylic varnish. It serves both as a decorative element and secures the glitter in place.

Ideas for children’s parties

Our company organizes small birthday parties or significant morning events in preschools and schools. For each age group, we will tailor the entertainment to their interests. Masterclasses will be an exciting part of the fun show.

The entertainers from Fantasy Party will captivate the children’s audience with the following:

  • Dance programs and teaching various dance moves.
  • Cooking and decorating delicious treats like ice cream, sushi, and sandwiches.
  • Soap making and creating bath bombs.
  • Crafting jewelry and hair accessories.

Children create various crafts and souvenirs themselves, which serve as lasting memories of the celebration. All the handmade items can be beautiful gifts for friends or family members. Our masterclasses provide children with skills and knowledge that will surely be useful to them in the future.




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