Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Over 50 types of crafts
  • From 3D cards for toddlers
  • To origami for older children
  • We provide all the materials
  • Develops dexterity, thinking, and imagination
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Paper is the most budget-friendly and convenient material for crafting. Creating crafts from paper is an engaging and cost-effective activity for children and their parents. Many children begin their journey into creativity and handicrafts with paper appliqués. Little ones make greeting cards and cut out flowers. Over time, they progress to more intricate paper crafts in the style of origami. 3D baskets, tubes, butterflies, snowflakes, and suns greatly uplift the mood. Paper crafts provide an excellent opportunity for the creative self-expression of young artisans.

The benefits of the masterclass

Children develop motor skills and imagination while creating paper appliqués and figures. This activity can genuinely be called educational. In a masterclass, children will learn to make crafts of various shapes from colored paper and cardboard. These crafts can be either three-dimensional or flat.

Three-dimensional crafts encompass a wide range of techniques and ideas. Such figures can have different themes and conceptual directions, such as:

  • Airplanes made from cardboard.
  • Flowers made from crepe paper.
  • Paper mache crafts.
  • 3D greeting cards.
  • Handmade paper fans.
  • Colorful paper snowflakes.
  • Quilling crafts.
  • 3D garlands made of butterflies and hearts.

Flat crafts are usually presented as appliqués made from autumn leaves, touching greeting cards for moms and dads, or paper snowflakes for window decorations during the New Year season.

Children will learn to make 3D paper figures using templates during our masterclass. The instructor will explain each detail clearly and comprehensively. Children will almost immediately demonstrate their skills. As a result, each child can create an exciting craft, be it a daisy, a sun, or a paper boat. Older children will learn to tackle more challenging tasks, creating origami-style creations.

Masterclasses on making paper figures are not only enjoyable but also beneficial. They develop patience, fine motor skills, and visual coordination. Children learn to combine colors, shapes, and materials for decoration. The program and difficulty level are tailored to the age group and number of participants.

Exciting, fun, and educational

Paper crafts are not the only thing Fantasy Party agency can surprise you with. We offer a wide range of entertainment options for children. Themed masterclasses, active quests, and spectacular shows are the perfect gift for a child’s birthday, morning performance, or any other celebration.

Do you want to engage children in fun and beneficial activities? Our masterclasses in soap making, gingerbread decorating, Pop it chocolates, slimes, and cryo-ice cream are at your service. We offer light, chemical, and cryo shows for those who love spectacular events. If you want to have it all in one package, you can book a show mix, combining the most impressive tricks from popular programs. Each show includes an entertainer dressed in your chosen cartoon character.

Fantasy Party agency specializes in organizing events of any complexity in New York. Our creative team consists of experienced entertainers. Thanks to the coordination and professionalism of our managers, everything will go just as you imagine, and even better.

You can contact us via WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB. The staff of Fantasy Party is always available. We guarantee peace of mind and positive emotions. Leave a request for a callback, and Fantasy Party managers will contact you as soon as possible.




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