Magic tricks class

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Magician's performance with tricks
  • Revealing the secrets behind the tricks
  • Children learn the tricks and then perform them themselves
  • Develops agility, thinking skills, and imagination
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Unlike adults, children still believe in miracles. The main thing is to continue giving them a sense of magic, fueling their interest in mysteries and riddles. A magician at a children’s party is always a source of positive emotions and impressions.While younger children may stand there with their mouths open in astonishment, older children understand there is a solution to the trick somewhere. They will attentively follow the magician’s movements, trying to unravel the secret of his magical performance.

Features of a magic tricks masterclass

A magic tricks masterclass is a fun and interactive program that involves thematic props and readily available materials. It is a real lesson in magic aimed at teaching children, developing their cleverness, stimulating mental activity, and engaging their brains. The program, designed by Fantasy Party agency, is fully interactive and allows children to learn 1-2 tricks using illusionary props that they can later showcase to their friends and guests.

Experienced magicians and illusionists conduct magic art training. They reveal the secrets behind their tricks, and beginners can easily replicate them. Participants of the masterclass will learn simple card tricks. With the magician’s guidance, ordinary objects will transform into magical props. With the skills acquired, budding illusionists will be able to:

  • They will learn how to create new and exciting connections.
  • They will amaze and bring joy to those around them.
  • They will become the center of attention in any group.
  • They will bring smiles to people’s faces.

The leading master of the class will explain every detail clearly and comprehensively. Children will quickly start demonstrating their skills. The program of the master class is tailored to the age of the children and follows a progression from simple to more complex tricks. Through the master class, children will learn to perform impressive tricks with cards and everyday objects. They will unveil their secrets and try themselves as magicians. The age range, number of participants, props, and specific preferences are discussed in advance.

What else can you come up with to entertain a child?

The Fantasy Party agency is a real treasure trove of exciting ideas. Our exclusive show programs and masterclasses can capture the attention of even the most shy child. The Fantasy Party team consists of top-class professionals, creators of a great atmosphere and unforgettable experiences. We offer many turnkey entertainment options:

  • Exciting quests with treasure hunts, dancing, music, and engaging tasks. Each participant of the quest will go home with a gift.
  • Educational experiments for curious minds. During the event, children learn about chemical and physical phenomena. A cheerful professor conducts the experiments.
  • Bubble show. For those who want to experience many emotions from what is happening. All children will be involved in the show and remember this day for a long time.
  • Face painting. Special paint can transform boys and girls into cartoon characters and fairy creatures.

You can book these and many other entertainments through the Fantasy Party agency. We organize children’s parties in New York and New York region. You can contact us by requesting a callback. Our profiles are available on WhatsApp, Instagram. Fantasy Party staff knows how to engage and entertain your children.




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