Headband decoration with flowers

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Making flower headbands
  • Various artificial flowers and gemstones
  • Beautiful results, even for the youngest participants
  • Develops dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and imagination
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A masterclass is an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and add variety to a children’s celebration. Girls love making accessories with their own hands. A beautiful headband can be worn outdoors. Suitable for school-aged girls. The Fantasy Party team will assist in creating a fashionable accessory.

The process of making a headband by hand

Unicorn – a popular character among girls. This mythical creature has captured the hearts of little princesses worldwide. With the help of a masterclass, you can incorporate a touch of the unicorn’s image into your hair. The headband will become an everyday accessory. It can be worn to morning gatherings or celebrations or simply delight your child with an unusual addition.

To make it, you will need:

  • Templates: Participants will receive ready-made templates for creating the headband’s details at the masterclass.
  • Fabric: The prepared templates are traced onto the fabric of the chosen color. Materials such as foamiran or felt are commonly used. They are easy to work with.
  • Polyester fiberfill or synthetic padding: The finished horn should maintain its shape. The inner surface is filled with soft material.
  • Needle and thread: Choose a thread that matches the selected color. Strong threads are used for secure stitching.
  • Headband matches the accessory’s elements.
  • Artificial flower decoration: Each flower is attached individually.

All elements are securely fixed to the surface of the headband using hot glue. The color scheme is chosen individually. The production process takes little time. The girls carry out each step. It is essential to be patient and careful during the process.

Who is the masterclass suitable for?

Handicrafts require a labor-intensive process. It would be challenging for children of preschool age to handle the task. The work involves using hot glue, and rushing can lead to burns. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize caution and carefulness throughout the process. The masterclass on creating unicorn headbands is suitable for school-aged girls. Young princesses always enjoy making things with their own hands. Creating a headband is engaging and creative, allowing them to express their imagination and create a unique accessory.

This activity is suitable for a birthday party or as a standalone project. You can arrange a masterclass for a group of children at a specific location or with a mobile setup. Working together will introduce them to the principles of creating handmade accessories. The result of their efforts will impress.

The entire process is conducted under the supervision of professionals. Each child will receive detailed instructions and all the necessary materials to create the accessory. Each stage of the process is explained and demonstrated. Creating a unique decoration is an exciting activity, and all participants will enjoy their handmade work.

Fantasy Party offers to enhance children’s celebrations not only with masterclasses but also with additional entertainment options. After the labor-intensive process, you can delight the kids with cryo ice cream or gingerbread cookies. The guests can create the treats themselves using high-quality ingredients. The joys can be taken home or enjoyed after the event.

You can order a piñata with sweets or a surprise balloon for a birthday party. Inside, there are colorful confetti, numerous small balloons, and candies. The options for filling the surprise balloon can vary, allowing for creativity. The birthday child will be thrilled with this special surprise.

Our event planning agency for celebrations and masterclasses will help you create an unforgettable event. Not only children but also parents can participate. We provide all the necessary equipment and accessories, and the musical accompaniment will make the celebration even more fun.




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