Handmade toys masterclass

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Making toys out of copper wire
  • All materials are provided
  • Cute animal toys as a keepsake
  • Develops hand dexterity, imagination, and patience
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A children’s masterclass combines entertainment, creativity, and educational lessons. Kids love to create something with their own hands. Fantasy Party offers a masterclass on making wire twists, suitable for children aged 5 to 12. A wire twist is a toy made from copper wire, a convenient crafting material. The soft and flexible wire is wrapped with colorful fuzzy threads. It can be easily twisted into various shapes, letters, or numbers. Children especially enjoy making finger puppets with these wire crafts. Making wire toys is so simple that even the youngest children can succeed on their first attempt.

We uncover talents and create toys

Any celebration can be divided into active games, refreshments, and calm socializing. Children running around for a long time will get tired, cranky, and bored. Our entertainers know when to calm the children and engage them in creativity. Creating wire crafts with their own hands is very engaging.

Here’s how the creative process unfolds:

  • The base is made from wire sticks twisted in a spiral shape.
  • The head is a pompom to which eyes are attached.
  • The arms, ears, and legs are also formed from copper wire.

Wire twists offer a sea of imagination. With fluffy colored wire, you can create a spider, a flower, or a dragon. The possibilities are endless! Young, older, and adults participate with interest in the twisting process. Why does everyone enjoy the wire twist masterclass so much? It’s simple yet captivating. The flexible, colorful wires transform into exciting shapes, gaining funny eyes and ears. When children put them on their fingers, they start enacting entertaining performances.

Entertainment Fantasy Party

Fantasy Party agency diversifies children’s party programs in New York. Kids will never get bored with our entertainers. Everyone will find something they like for their child from all the shows. Cheerful and lively kids, as well as shy little ones, gladly participate in such performances:

All these performances can be separate programs, or the organizers can create a mix by combining interesting elements from different shows. For the youngest children, the entertainers will come dressed as characters from their favorite cartoons.

All masterclasses from Fantasy Party

Copper wire can be called a versatile materials for children. It is easily transformable, and the wire can be unraveled and tried again if something doesn’t work out. There are always multiple attempts.

What you will need for creating wire crafts:

  • Colored copper wire
  • Decorative elements: eyes, beads, rhinestones, gemstones
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Children will learn to create beautiful toys that will serve as a memory of a fun celebration. Many kids get inspired and become interested in attending various handicraft clubs. This helps develop the child’s imagination and creativity, while fine motor skills contribute to intellectual development.

Fantasy Party company organizes numerous masterclasses on various themes:

  • Delicious: creating and decorating ice cream, chocolate pop-its, making rolls or burgers.
  • Educational: dance workshops, secrets of magic tricks, or soap bubble making.
  • Developmental: making soap, jewelry, and flower headbands for hair.
  • Decor and clothing embellishment: vases with colored sand, drawings on caps and t-shirts.

Creative crafts form the basis of many other fun lessons our agency offers. The entertaining programs from Fantasy Party include lively and exciting scenarios for children’s parties, expertly brought to life.




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