Age range: 5+

Optimal number of participants: 10

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Consumables for up to 10 participants
  • 3 gingerbread cookies in beautiful packaging for each participant
  • Decorating gingerbread cookies of any shape and with any design
  • Only fresh and natural gingerbread and icing
  • Suitable for creative gourmets
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At children’s parties, entertainers are often hired. A themed masterclass is the best gift for a birthday. The agency Fantasy Party organizes events in New York and the surrounding areas. Decorating cookies is an excellent entertainment and educational activity for a child. The child receives interesting information and participates in the cooking process. For children, getting involved in adult activities is an exciting game.

How to have a fun and exciting celebration?

Parents try to organize the celebration for children better. Cake and gifts are essential at the event. But how to organize leisure time? Often, the efforts of adults fail. After a delicious treat, the kids get bored or misbehave. Not all people are experts in organizing parties. That’s why entertainers are hired.

  • Actors lead the party according to the plan. This approach improves the celebration. There are no wandering troublemakers or gloomy faces.
  • People who work with children know their psychology. So they can find an approach to shy or energetic kids.
  • Entertainers can come in costumes of favorite characters. This will be remembered by the younger generation
  • forever.
    The event can be organized in any location: at school, at home, in a cafe, etc. There are also programs outside the city.
  • Photography masters are invited to the celebration. Portrait, landscape, and themed photo shoots are conducted. The photo shoot can be organized in any style. The flash of cameras will allow you to give amazing pictures.
  • An exciting idea attracts young people. Experts have experience in their field. Entertainers have many creative ideas in their arsenal.

Parents want their children to have fun and develop. That’s why masterclasses exist.

Features of Masterclasses

A themed evening that combines learning and entertainment is called a masterclass. This program aims to develop a child’s communication skills and creative potential.

Events are organized for various occasions:

  • anniversary;
  • birthday;
  • New Year;
  • graduation from kindergarten;
  • morning performance;
  • school holidays, etc.

There are many types of masterclasses. Let’s focus on the exciting entertainment called “Gingerbread Cookie Painting.”

Delicious and Interesting

Decorating cookies will appeal to sweet-toothed children with a creative spirit. Decorating a culinary masterpiece is a fun activity for kids. Children love to draw, and decorating a cookie is a similar process. It’s funny that everything happens not on paper but on baked goods.

Entertainers come to a specific location with props. They bring experts and cookies. Parents don’t have to prepare the dough or bake the treats. The program is designed for 10 participants. For larger groups, two hosts are required.

Structure of the celebration:

  • An actor captivates children with an exciting story about cookie decorations.
  • Next is the practical side of the gingerbread event. Children decorate the cookie with outlines and use unique icing bags for this.
  • The sugary composition dries.
  • Participants must decorate two cookies.
  • The finished dessert ensembles are placed in gift boxes.

The gingerbread is made according to a model recipe, using only high-quality ingredients. Therefore, the treatment looks not only delicious but also tastes great. It’s doubly delicious to try the baked goods you’ve made yourself. Children will enjoy eating decorated Peppa Pig, Christmas trees, or cartoon cookies.

Gingerbread cookies are a treat for young people and older people alike. People of all ages love to decorate culinary masterpieces. Therefore, the masterclass from Fantasy Party NYC will appeal to young participants and adult guests. An exciting program for the celebration is the key to the excellent mood of the guests!




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