Ebru water painting

Age range: 7+

Optimal number of kids: 10

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Materials for up to 10 children
  • Only high-quality materials
  • Fantastic water drawing designs
  • It will look beautiful even for those who can't draw
  • Transferring drawings from water to paper
  • Frames for pictures are provided upon request
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The Fantasy Party agency organizes holidays for children and adults in New York and the surrounding area. Masterclasses have become popular in the 21st century. Water drawing, Ebru, is an exciting activity for children. The art will be enjoyed not only by creative youth but also by adults. Children will be thrilled by the technique of creating pictures.

What is Ebru?

Ebru is a painting that involves drawing on the most unstable surface – liquid. The art form originated in ancient times in the East. In medieval Japan, a technique called suminagashi was drawing with floating ink. Monks practiced this technique and applied images to rice paper, a thin material that is difficult to work with—drawing on water spread throughout Central Asia, India, and Turkey. Ottoman masters excelled in this painting style, creating landscapes, animals, and beautiful flowers.

The painting technique has distinctive features:

  • Sometimes even the master does not know what will be depicted on the water canvas. The wind can change the original shape.
  • The drawing is unique. Every pattern is one of a kind.
  • The monks considered the technique to be analogous to meditation. Movements should be light and unhurried.

Ebru Masterclass

The masterclass is designed for 10 participants. More people can be invited, but then 2 entertainers are required. The event lasts for 1 hour. The masters come to the location with their props. The paints are prepared from natural elements: minerals and bull bile. The Ebru technique involves using not just ordinary water. Rubber extracts are added to the liquid. The substance obtained from rubber trees transforms the liquid into a thick substance. Water acquires viscosity, and the paint does not sink to the bottom.

The entertainers bring the necessary supplies: gloves, aprons, tablecloths, etc. The work is carried out carefully and neatly. During the masterclass, you can take photos of the young painters.

You should start with simple images. Complex illustrations will only work after a while. You need to practice. Ebru is a creative process that does not strive for realistic photos. It is “watercolor expressionism.” The drawing will not be precise, and the lines can be arbitrary. However, it is easy to draw beautiful patterns. The paint spreads well on the water canvas. With the help of special tools, young masters give shape to the drawing. Children often draw:

  • flowers;
  • frosty patterns;
  • birds;
  • butterflies;
  • landscapes, etc.

After the lessons, the image is transferred to paper. The novice artist will be impressed by this masterpiece. It is an absolute miracle! It is not surprising that the emperors of Japan admired this art form.

Many children become lifelong fans of Ebru after creating magnificent work. Drawing on the water becomes a creative hobby. But a person will never forget their first painting.

How to have a fun and exciting event?

For a celebration to be memorable for a child, several conditions must be met:

  • Parents can develop a detailed plan for the celebration. Most people need to gain specialized education or experience in a particular field. Therefore, it is better to focus on gifts and treats.
  • The idea for the event should be thought out in advance: prepare the venue, and invite guests.
  • A children’s party will be fun and engaging if you invite entertainers. Experts can conduct any quiz or quest.
  • A program that can teach and entertain children is a masterclass.

To make a child happy, you need a little bit. The girl or boy should have fun, play with friends, and see an exciting program. This is easy to do with actors from Fantasy Party. Our employees have been working with children for a long time and know the psychology of the younger generation. Entertainers can find an approach to a naughty child and a shy personality.




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