Easter egg decorating

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Easter egg decoration
  • All materials provided
  • Painting with various colors and decorating with different materials
  • Develops dexterity, thinking skills, and imagination
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Easter is a bright and joyful holiday for everyone. Even people who are not religious often enthusiastically participate in the preparations and share the festive spirit. The most vibrant symbols, such as Easter bread (kulich) and Easter eggs, appear in every home. Decorating eggs has become an art form. They are not only painted by artists using various techniques but are also crafted by renowned jewelers.

Masterclasses from Fantasy Party

The Fantasy Party agency organizes masterclasses where children can decorate eggs with their hands. Such creative lessons are often requested for children’s parties. Kids have a great time while learning different artistic techniques.

What can be a reason to book a masterclass with our company?

  • Child’s birthday: Children between 8 and 12 enjoy decorating various items. Our entertainers will share the secrets of different techniques that will be useful for children in the future.
  • School events: Fairs, morning performances, themed celebrations. When working with large groups of children, multiple organizers are present. They will bring all the necessary materials for decoration.
  • Mass holidays where groups of unfamiliar children need to be engaged. Any masterclass will help unite them as a team, awaken their creative imagination, or foster a competitive spirit.

Children have different temperaments. Some enjoy sports and active games, while others like to sing and dance. There are also calm and shy kids. A creative celebration would be suitable for this category of children.

How to decorate an Easter egg?

The Easter egg has become a symbol of new life. Initially, it was dyed red, associated with a biblical parable about a non-believer who demanded an immediate miracle. He said he would believe it if even this chicken egg turned red. And the miracle happened before his eyes.

Originally, eggs were dyed with natural colors. Then, they started creating true works of art. Nowadays, the imagination of designers is not limited in any way when decorating Easter eggs.

What can be used to decorate a souvenir craft?

  • painting;
  • fabric;
  • jewelry;
  • paper;
  • colored tape;
  • confectionery decorations;
  • natural materials.

All of these materials are accessible and safe for middle and high school children. Fantasy Party entertainers will engage everyone and assist in creating a beautiful souvenir.

Decoration techniques

Decorative ornaments can be made not only from real eggs but also from wooden replicas. These wooden eggs can be easily painted with acrylic paints.

Here are other ways to decorate Easter eggs:

  • You can cover the egg with PVA glue and roll it in beads. Allow it to dry slightly, and gently press the beads onto the surface. Then let the glue fully dry. Get creative by using beads of the same color or mixing different ones.
  • The decoupage technique involves using a paper napkin with a pattern. First, glue the regular paper onto the surface, then apply the flowers or butterflies cut out from the napkin. To give it a vintage style, lightly apply a thin layer of brown paint.
  • Quilling is the art of creating intricate designs using colored paper strips. The egg’s surface can be covered with various botanical elements.
  • You can “dress” the egg in delicate pink and blue lace and adorn it with silk ribbons.
  • The fashionable Japanese kanzashi technique involves creating flowers and ornaments from satin ribbons and rhinestones. They are used to decorate Easter eggs, hairstyles, and clothing.

Masterclasses can be a part of the celebration. Fantasy Party organizes fun dance contests, magic shows, and bubble shows. Entertainers dressed as favorite characters will come to entertain the children. The best gift for a child’s birthday is a joyful show from our agency.




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