Decoration of Christmas toys

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Acrylic painting
  • Decoration with rhinestones, glitter, feathers, etc.
  • We provide all the necessary materials
  • Creating a beautiful and delicious bouquet as a keepsake with your own hands
  • Packaging in a beautiful box
  • Develops creative thinking and imagination
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Nowadays, you can find Christmas decorations in stores to suit every taste. However, homemade ornaments carry a sense of goodness and love; creating them is like an accurate fairy tale. A masterclass on making Christmas ornaments allows you to craft these symbols of holiday festivities with your own hands. It’s an engaging activity that helps create a magical atmosphere.

During the masterclass, children will learn to make Christmas ornaments using cotton wool, felt, foam sheets, and more. A Christmas bauble decorated by a child’s hands will become the most precious gift for their parents and the highlight of the Christmas tree. The masterclass host will explain each step clearly and comprehensively. Children will immediately start showcasing their skills by creating original handmade decorations.

Features of the masterclass

A masterclass on making Christmas ornaments is the key to a festive mood. Such events are popular among parents who want to give their children a magical experience in anticipation of the New Year. Creating handmade Christmas decorations brings people together, helps them better understand each other, and nurtures the imagination. Children’s themed masterclasses are held in studio workshops and various locations, including homes, cafes, restaurants, schools, and daycare centers. Organizing a celebration among loved ones and friends is a great opportunity.

For children, creating Christmas ornaments will begin an incredible magical adventure with gifts and surprises. Over the years, this ornament will be associated with New Year’s celebrations, joyful emotions, and memorable experiences. In addition to the Christmas spirit, the masterclass will provide a sense of harmony and boundless happiness. Children can discover new talents, showcase their creative abilities, and unleash creativity. Under the guidance of a master, a child can:

  • Paint Christmas baubles with illustrations from their favorite cartoons and fairy tales.
  • Create unique felt figures themed around the New Year.
  • Make 3D paper decorations in the shape of snowflakes or ornaments from old light bulbs.

Personalizing the homemade ornaments by writing the names of Mom and Dad can make them a heartfelt gift. Each participant will leave the masterclass with a decoration made with their own hands.

How to give children a real fairy tale?

The Fantasy Party agency offers various services for organizing children’s festive events in New York, including dozens of workshops. We guarantee that your children will have fun, immersing themselves in a creative atmosphere and gaining new experiences. Together with our instructors, they will learn tricks with soap bubbles, explore the basics of soap making, create gingerbread cookies, cryo-ice cream, and make jewelry.

For fans of thrilling spectacles, we offer spectacular light, chemical, foam, soap, and paper shows. Young ladies can attend a princess ball, while little fans of robots can enjoy a Transformers show. Those who want to see it all at once can enjoy our show mix. Our entertainers dressed as cartoon characters and comic book heroes will make your child’s celebration unforgettable.

You can contact us via WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB. The Fantasy Party team will get in touch with you and promptly develop the concept of the event. We will organize the celebration taking into account the age and number of participants, as well as your preferences.




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