Dance workshop

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Professional children's choreographer
  • Children will learn a dance in a modern style
  • We will film and edit a video clip as a memento
  • Fun atmosphere for dance enthusiasts
  • An excellent gift for those who dream of dancing beautifully
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Various dance styles include sports, contemporary, ballroom, and eastern dances. These styles bring physical benefits and provide a fun way to spend time. A dance masterclass briefly introduces the fundamental movements and tricks that enable every child to create their dance.

The advantages of a dance masterclass

The main goal of such classes is to introduce participants to new dance styles and movements. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, children will learn to dance disco, hip-hop, and many other types. The masterclass program can cover multiple dance genres upon the client’s request.

Advantages of dance masterclasses include:

  • Children become acquainted with different dance styles playfully and interactively. Together with experienced choreographers, children repeat movements in a light and simple form.
  • Dance helps develop correct posture and flexibility. During the classes, children learn how to position themselves among others.
  • Professional approach. The choreographer will clearly and comprehensively explain each dance element, focusing on challenging steps.
  • Children step out of their comfort zone, expanding their knowledge and skills. Through body movement, they learn to express their emotions and experiences.
  • Complete creative freedom. Children can move in a way that feels natural to them. They will learn to move beautifully and overcome any inhibitions about their bodies.

A dance masterclass will bring variety to a celebration and complement a birthday party or a school event. Such an activity will provide a powerful emotional boost. By the end of the masterclass, the child will learn to improvise to music, feel the sense of rhythm, and tap into their imagination. During the class, they can make friends with other children. The curriculum is tailored based on the age group and number of participants. Younger children will explore dance through games, while older children will be offered a more advanced program. Dancing will help the child feel more confident among their peers. The benefits of such classes are evident.

Do you want to expand beyond just dancing?

The Fantasy Party agency offers a wide range of masterclasses for children. It’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate birthdays or organize a morning event in a fun and lively way. Our unique masterclasses foster the creative potential of children. Participants of the “Nitrogen” masterclass will learn how to make cryo-ice cream. Everyone will learn to create soaps of different shapes, colors, scents, and sizes at the themed soap-making workshop. For dessert enthusiasts, we offer workshops on making gingerbread cookies and Pop It candies. We also provide exciting show programs and quests with prizes.

Fantasy Party agency specializes in the full-service organization of children’s events in New York. You can contact us via WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB. The Fantasy Party team is always available. Leave a callback request, and our managers will contact you. We will give your children many emotions, exciting experiences, and lasting memories.




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