Cryo ice cream

Age range: 5+

Optimal number of participants: 10

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Our ingredients per 10 people
  • Only fresh and natural ingredients
  • Use of liquid nitrogen
  • Waffle cones and various toppings and sprinkles
  • Mixing ingredients with the host
  • Self-decorating your sweet treat
  • Tablecloths, gloves, and aprons included
  • Smoking magic effect when frozen
  • All safety precautions observed
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A children’s party is a memory that will stay with the child forever. That is why it is necessary to hold the event in a fun and exciting way. The Fantasy Party company organizes parties for adults and kids in New York and the region—developmental workshops for a child – a creative idea in today’s environment. Cryo-show is one of the favorite programs for children and parents.

What are the masterclasses?

Themed masterclasses will appeal to quiet and brisk kids. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate a birthday well or usefully spend a matinee at school.

Order a masterclass means:

  • Develop your child. Events help unleash creativity and communication abilities. A person at a young age will be able to find non-standard ways out. This will help in the future to normally perceive social conditions.
  • Distract from gadgets. Technology is the engine of progress. But sometimes, they harm the younger generation.
  • Children should live not only in the virtual but also in real life.
  • Interest people of all ages. Young players, schoolchildren, and adults can take part in themed quests.
  • Celebrate any place. You can organize a masterclass at home, the cottage, or the cafe.
  • Make a holiday on any theme: painting T-shirts, creating slimes, and CRYO shows.

Your son or daughter can have fun and join the exciting process.

Features of the cryo party

All kids love ice cream. Lessons on how to make the treat will be to the kids’ liking. The event has another name – the nitrogen show. Held masterclass for half an hour. Works one entertainer for ten participants. Players can be more, but then you need to invite two leaders. Actors come to the party in the costumes of professors. The task of the show is to make ice cream.

The show is presented as a chemical experiment or magic. Depends on the perception of each participant. The process itself is a colorful spectacle. There is incomprehensible gurgling and bubbling all around. It is a magnificent sight for a person of any age.

Liquid nitrogen is presented as a professor’s ability. The scientist shows off his freezing power. The presenters follow the technique of behaving with this substance. Liquid nitrogen is often used in the food industry. The raw material is safe for health. Research is also being done with dry ice. Bubbling, fuming effects, the clinking of an unknown substance – experiments that amaze the little ones.

Cryo shows are appetizing and entertaining

Experienced Fantasy Party actors can organize a party excitingly and prepare a sample dessert. The participants themselves mix the ingredients for the ice cream. This is fun and educational for the younger generation and parents. All products are natural and always fresh. Therefore, the dessert is delicious and appealing in appearance.

The treat is served in cones (waffle cones). The participants themselves decorate ice cream. Entertainers will bring for decorations:

  • M&M’s;
  • marmalade;
  • chocolate chips;
  • sweet sprinkles, etc.

The child can decorate the dessert at will. Kids love the freedom of action.

You can order creativity and treats in one program for celebrations:

  • birthday parties, anniversaries;
  • parties at school;
  • Christmas, Easter;
  • graduation, kindergarten celebration, etc.

The Cryo show is bright, stylish, and tasty! Ice cream always attracts children, and trying to create it is doubly fun. Elements of magic or science will be remembered forever. The day will be remembered as the best in their lives. Let’s say no to trivial gifts. Let’s say “yes” to new masterclasses!




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