Crafts from natural materials

Age range: 2+

Optimal number of kids: up to 15

Duration: 30 minutes

250 $

Program includes:
  • 1 host
  • Creating crafts using natural materials
  • Adorable animal figurines, unique bouquets, houses, etc.
  • Materials provided: pinecones, herbarium, pebbles, seashells, and more
  • Develops dexterity and thinking skills, and stimulates imagination
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Every year, nature provides us with a wealth of materials for creativity. Pinecones, autumn leaves, chestnuts, pebbles, branches, seashells, acorns, and many other natural gifts inspire us to create unique crafts.

Making crafts from natural materials is a fun activity and a great hobby. You can create a unique masterpiece from the things lying at your feet. The simplicity of execution doesn’t prevent these crafts from elegantly complementing the interior of a space and, most importantly, being a source of pride for those who made them. It’s a beautiful activity that doesn’t require investments, special preparation, or tools.

The benefits of the masterclass for a child

During the creation of crafts, a child becomes more patient and diligent. Making figures from tree branches, leaves, moss, and chestnuts boosts imagination development and the realization of creative ideas. It is an engaging activity that develops coordination and thinking skills. Natural materials offer such diversity that any idea can be brought to life:

  • Crafting a hedgehog using pinecones, apples, and fir branches. This craft is suitable even for young children.
  • A squirrel can be made from acorns and pine needles. If desired, the craft can be painted with colors.
  • A firebird can be created using straw, birch bark, and autumn leaves. Applying a coat of varnish will help preserve this masterpiece.
  • A beautiful Christmas wreath can be made from pine needles and adorned with pinecones and other decorations.
  • Creating an autumn leaf collage is one of the favorite activities for children. With the help of leaves, an owl can be made, and buttons can be used for the eyes.
  • Stringing leaves, chestnuts, and acorns on skewers can create a realistic bouquet.

Natural materials do not emit harmful odors, making them suitable for children’s crafts. During the masterclass, your child will experience genuine pleasure by combining different materials into a unified composition. The instructor will explain each detail clearly and comprehensively. Children will immediately demonstrate their skills by creating beautiful pictures and still lifes using natural materials. Such crafts can serve as excellent exhibits in preschools or schools. During the crafting process, children will need to exercise patience. With the guidance of professionals, each child will be able to create anything with their own hands.

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