The Prince

The Prince

The program includes:
  • 1 Entertainer for 1 hour
  • Birthday greeting
  • Musical accompaniment (portable speaker)
  • Games with thematic props
  • Competitions, passing of the Young Princes League
  • Quest based program
  • Quiz from the Prince "Secrets of an Ancient Castle"
  • Children's tricks
  • Balloon swords for each child
  • Cake taking out
  • The 2-hour program will also include: light face painting and mini soap bubbles show.
  • Weekdays: 230 $
  • Weekend: 250 $
I want this program!
I want this program!

A children’s birthday party is a grand event that requires careful preparation. Adults want to surprise the child and make the celebration special. The Fantasy Party team knows how to throw an unusual party, especially for little princesses—holding a birthday party in the style of a fairy tale castle. An entertainer prince will be a bright figure at the event. Fun contests, games, and riddles are waiting for the guests. Interactive shows will give a lot of pleasant emotions.

A fairy tale world for a little princess

Every child believes in miracles. Adults act as wizards because they have the opportunity to help make children’s wishes come true. All girls dream of meeting a prince. This fairy tale hero is a legend from a cartoon. He is not only handsome but also intelligent and brave. This fearless character will be able to win the heart of even the youngest princesses. The entertainer looks very believable. Bright costumes and themed props make the image complete. The prince will quickly find a common language with every kid. The program includes the following:

  • Moving games.
  • Fun riddles.
  • Musical accompaniment.
  • Incendiary dancing.

Our entertainers are professional actors. They can believably play a storyline from the beginning to the end. Always present thematic props. The music immerses them in a fairy tale atmosphere. The celebration with the prince entertainer will be fun not only for children but also for their parents. Everyone can take part in the interactive show. The organization of a fairy tale celebration will be at the highest level.

Tsar’s birthday party

The two main images children want to imitate are the princess and the prince. The prince is the embodiment of courage, bravery, and fearlessness. Every boy would like to possess such qualities. Themed holiday in a fairy tale style suits children of all ages. You can order the entertainer for preschool children and schoolchildren. Merry fairy tale heroes will decorate a child’s birthday.

Our team is working on regular updates to the script. In the company, Fantasy Party is challenging to find the same programs. However, it is always fun and exciting for us.

What birthday doesn’t a child want to be a prince? He will have the opportunity to try on an actual crown to feel superior to the holiday ball. Maybe even manage to save the beautiful princess. With the prince comes a fairy tale come true. This style of celebration always carries a lot of magic. A team of entertainers can give a miracle to every child on his or her birthday.

Contests, round dances and not only

In addition to the standard program, you can order watercolors for all presents. Hypoallergenic material is used for face painting. Children can choose their own drawing. Faces can be painted in a fairy tale-themed style.

Emotions are the most important gift. It is possible to leave them for a long time with the help of photography and videography. A professional cameraman works with equipment throughout the holiday. After the celebration, photos and videos are processed. Finally, pictures and videos with high-quality processing are issued.

The best-quality props represent our arsenal. Our entertainers leave for any location in New York and the New York region with their own props and musical accompaniment. Feast with professionals’ participation will leave many pleasant emotions for the whole year. Charismatic princes will be able to win the heart of not only girls but also boys.


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