The program includes:
  • 1 Entertainer for 1 hour
  • Birthday greetings
  • Musical accompaniment (portable speaker)
  • Tricks
  • Games with thematic props
  • Competitions, role-playing games, dances, competitions
  • Balloon figurines for each child
  • Cake taking out
  • The 2-hour program will also include: light face painting and mini soap bubbles show.
  • Weekdays: 230 $
  • Weekend: 250 $
I want this program!
I want this program!

The magical world of Disney gave children delightful images of princesses. One of them is the oriental princess Jasmine from the fictional land of Agrabah. Her author Mark Henn created the girl by copying the features of her sister, a stranger, and a famous actress. The favorite fairy tale princess has become popular and recognizable.

Girls adore Jasmine for her beauty, independence, resourcefulness, courage, and romantic soul. Fantasy Party entertainer is a black-haired beauty in a blue dress who will hold a children’s party in oriental style. According to legend, the sultan’s daughter escapes from her “golden cage.” She gets acquainted with the beggar Aladdin. Although Aladdin became the fairy tale’s main character, Jasmine is not inferior to him in popularity. This female character has become an idol for girls of all ages. On her birthday, any girl will be happy to see the princess.

The Popularity of the Oriental Princess

The famous tale of Aladdin and Jin is based on “One Thousand and One Nights.” The modern story has undergone many changes, adapted to the mentality of children of Western civilization. Jasmine is a unique individual. She decides for herself how to live and who to marry. Maybe that’s why she has become a good role model.

What entertainment includes the program with the entertainer:

  • Greeting the child on his birthday from Jasmine;
  • A story-role-playing game based on a fairy tale
  • show with balloons;
  • contests;
  • tricks.

It is possible to order the program for 1 or 2 hours. The second option will add aqua makeup, a mini soap bubble show, and a demonstration of scientific experience. Children take pictures with their favorite princesses. She will help blow out the candles on the cake and, interestingly, play with taking it out. The price of the show depends on where the entertainment is going: in New York or the region.

Why do children love quests?

The website of the company Fantasy Party offers ready-made holiday scenarios. Many of them contain elements of the quest. What is a quest, and why is this type of entertainment so popular? A literal translation of the word means “search”. It is clear what you need to look for: an object, a solution, or the answer to a riddle. It becomes even more fascinating if various obstacles arise along the way.

In fact, the quest is present in fairy tales, and computer games are considered a separate genre. It can be embodied in reality in the form of sports, intellectual and story competitions.

What kind of quests for an exciting leisure experience?

Locked room. The task is to get out of the room in a given time. To do this, look for objects on hints, solve riddles.
Performance with actors. Characters help or hinder players to achieve the goal.

Action variant. We use physical exertion and props like ropes, ladders, and obstacles.

Live quest in the roles. This game is based on the interaction of characters. It is interesting because the ending cannot be predicted. It all depends on decisions made during the game.

Morpheus quest. Here the main thing is imagination. Often in such performances participants use only hearing or touch.

Show programs are based on the plots of famous movies or cartoons in cases of children’s parties. Actors Fantasy Party embody a ready-made script or add something interesting to the client’s initiative.

Shared celebrations on any occasion are very useful for children. They become a vivid memory, unite, help to find friends. Often many quiet kids discover a different side to their friends. “Nerds” are shot on intellectual quests.

Parents who want to reveal their children, give them new friends, raise their credibility in the eyes of their classmates may consider ordering a quest. Such a birthday gift will be remembered for a long time. The child will be waiting for a repeat of the miracle all year long.


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