Harley Quinn and the Joker

Harley Quinn and the Joker

The program includes:
  • 1 Entertainer for 1 hour
  • Birthday greetings
  • Musical accompaniment (portable speaker)
  • Games with thematic props
  • Fun contests and tasks
  • Disco
  • Balloon figurines for each child
  • Cake taking out
  • The 2-hour program will also include: light face painting and mini soap bubbles show.
  • Weekdays: 230 $
  • Weekend: 250 $
I want this program!
I want this program!

Many people associate a children’s party with matinees in kindergarten or school. Such an event is held with poems, songs to the accordion, and pathos speeches. Fantasy Party will completely change the perception of children’s parties, making them unforgettable for any child. Our actors act as the characters that are popular with kids today.

Who are the kids’ main idols now? Who do they dream of being like, and whose image do they copy? These are the heroes of comic books, movies, and cartoon series. Characters of the famous Marvel universe or DC comics. It is impressive that not only good superheroes are popular among kids: Batman, Iron Man, or Spider-Man, but also negative characters. And that’s not surprising. Talented directors make them look alive and real. They sympathized with no less than the good guys and girls.

Superheroes and supervillains: the eternal struggle

The movie “The Suicide Squad” recently came out on world screens. It assembled a team of selected villains. The main ones are the supervillains, Harley Quinn and the Joker. Such characters are especially appealing for teenagers to copy. The age of 11 to 14 is a very controversial period. “Villain” principles appeal to teenagers. This is a protest and the desire to prove their importance and stubbornness. After all, doing evil makes it easier to declare themselves to the world loudly. It’s good that everything happens in the movies, not in reality. And the guys experience these feelings by comparing themselves to fictional characters, not real. So it’s worth taking it as a game.

Fantasy Party will throw a Harley Quinn and Joker movie-style party for the kids. The entertainers dressed as supervillains will act out a scenario in a quest or communicate with children and take a picture in memory of the party.

For which events is it worth ordering a Quinn-style quest:

  • teenager’s birthday party;
  • school party;
  • A holiday in the children’s group.

Two entertainers work with large groups of children. The team Fantasy Party travels to organize a holiday within New York and the region.

Teenage party ideas

Styling a party around the plot of a movie and inviting entertainers dressed as Harley and the Joker isn’t enough. The actors will think of a script that the events will follow. Leaders will not let the kids lose interest, and properly distribute the action, alternating between active pastime, relaxation, and refreshments.

How to have fun celebrating the holiday?

Suggest a specific dress code for the children. Let them dress up in the style of Harley or the Joker. If you wish, the entertainers will do the appropriate makeup for them.

Consider the decor. You can decorate the room in distinctive colors or hang posters of the characters.

The menu for children is fundamental. They prefer sandwiches, pizza, and bright and sweet drinks.

Shared entertainment quests will work as entertainment. Also, the entertainers can put on a show: a show of tricks, cryo, or chemical experiments.

Teenagers love various masterclasses.

A scenario is chosen depending on the number of children and the type of holiday. If the team is large, competitive team games are appropriate. On the other hand, entertainment shows with soap bubbles, balloons, and fair competitions will suit a home birthday party.

The entertainers will bring with them various props, including a portable speaker. They arrange dance contests and if you want children to do watercolor. Solemn and beautifully play with the filling of birthday cake. At the end of the party, you can have a fun photo shoot with your favorite characters. With Fantasy Party party will be bright and memorable for the whole year until the next birthday.


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