Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls

The program includes:
  • 1 Entertainer for 1 hour
  • Birthday congratulations
  • Musical accompaniment (rope, parachute, tunnel)
  • Elements from a chemical show (worms, fire)
  • Quizzes, quests, relays, dances, cheers
  • Children's tricks
  • Balloon figures for each child
  • Solemn cake presentation
  • The 2-hour program will also include: light face painting and mini soap bubbles show.
  • Weekdays: 230 $
  • Weekend: 250 $
I want this program!
I want this program!

Something strange is happening in Gravity Falls again. Only the brave twins Dipper and Mabel, along with their loyal assistants, can solve the anomalies of the small town in Oregon, which they have come to for their summer vacation. The holiday will be loved by all children who enjoy the idea of this animated film and dream of joining the main characters in the search for supernatural creatures and solving mysteries.

The main characters invite children and teenagers of different ages to embark on an exciting journey through the mystical places of Gravity Falls, for example, to the “Mystery Shack,” where they will have to find the solution to the anomalies, find the person who wrote the mysterious diary, and complete other exciting tasks.

The entertainers and organizers of children’s parties at Fantasy Party will do everything necessary to make the participants genuinely feel the atmosphere of mystery and intrigue in Gravity Falls.

What does FantasyParty offer?

Gravity Falls is one of the most famous cartoons children, and adults enjoy watching. The show is distinguished by its fascinating plot, witty jokes, and mystical puzzles that captivate viewers’ attention in New York and other cities.

According to the cartoon, the Fantasy Party agency can organize great birthday parties and other children’s or teenage parties for fans of the supernatural. Fun entertainers in the roles of Mabel and Dipper will introduce children to the fascinating world of mystery, mysterious puzzles, and dizzying trials. By going to a party whose central theme is Gravity Falls, the child will be involved in many exciting events and actions of the characters:

  • Getting to know a poisonous snake;
  • Flying on a flying saucer;
  • Passing through the mysterious tunnel of the Tooth Monster;
  • Journey into the abyss, through the forest of monsters.

To complete the quest and find the treasure, children must find the answers to many riddles, overcome all trials, and solve the secret of the magic book, the invisibility cloak, and the mysterious cube. In addition, the program includes chemical experiments, masterclasses, and other exciting moments that can be ordered as additional options for the celebration: for example, cryo, scientific or soap bubble shows, and aqua make-up.

After the event, participants, in the company of the brave Dipper and Mabel, complete all the trials and solve all the mysteries. Finally, they will be rewarded with a surprise – the Gravity Falls treasure, sweet treats, and a birthday cake. Fantasy Party creates an accurate fairy tale of emotions, filling the atmosphere with children’s and adults’ laughter.

Why should you turn to Fantasy Party?

Our agency conducts great children’s parties that stay in the memory of all participants for a long time. Fantasy Party entertainers know how to engage even the most introverted and shy children in quests, masterclasses, and other activities.

Advantages of our agency:

  • Modern thematic party programs;
  • Exciting scenarios;
  • A wide selection of characters;
  • Styled costumes, props, and accessories;
  • Adaptation of the party scene to the individual wishes of the clients;
  • A wide selection of services (photographer, videographer, master of aqua makeup, various shows, and masterclasses).

Contact the Fantasy Party agency by phone or through the website. We guarantee the organization of the best birthday or other celebration in the company of the brave brother and sister from the Gravity Falls universe.



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