The program includes:
  • 1 Entertainer for 1 hour
  • Birthday greetings
  • Musical accompaniment (portable speaker)
  • Tricks
  • Games with thematic props
  • Contests, role-playing games, dances, and competitions
  • A unique program with the elements of Quest
  • Balloon figurines for each child
  • Cake taking out
  • The 2-hour program will also include: light face painting and mini soap bubbles show.
  • Weekdays: 230 $
  • Weekend: 250 $
I want this program!
I want this program!

Keeping children busy with something interesting is not easy. Fantasy, props, and a good script are just some components of organizing a show. It is essential to think up a program and adequately conduct a holiday. For this, you need to have such skills:

  • exceptional organizational skills;
  • knowledge of child psychology;
  • the ability to resolve conflicts;
  • feel the mood of children and their physical condition.

Intuition, acting abilities, and experience will help. These skills have entertainers of Fantasy Party. On the agency’s website, you can order the organization of children’s parties in any style. Our actors will come to the house, kindergarten, or school. The location of departure is New York and the cities of New York region. The price depends on the distance, the show’s scale, and the event’s time.

A celebration for the littlest ones

A baby’s one-year-old is a birthday that the whole family celebrates. Although the child will not remember anything yet, parents try to make the holiday unforgettable. There will remain a video and photos with the little one’s birthday boy, where everyone is happy. Often the birthday child has older brothers and sisters for whom fun performances are organized.

Older children (4-5 years) happily perceive a festive atmosphere. They are waiting for gifts. Children of this age have a favorite character – a dinosaur. An entertainer in a Dino Costume will conduct a program that includes such entertainment:

  • cheerful greeting;
  • favorite music;
  • games;
  • demonstration of tricks;
  • making figures out of balloons;
  • a unique presentation of the birthday cake.

Depending on the age of the children, you can add water make-up application, soap balloon show, magic surprise balloon, and piñata to the program.

The dinosaur is not just a strong cartoon character. He has other positive qualities. A lot of adventures happen with him. Dino defeats all enemies. He is kind and funny. And most importantly, this hero exists only in the world of illusions. While other animals, such as lions and foxes, dogs, and piglets, can be seen at the zoo or in the street, the dinosaur is truly mythical. And the Fantasy Party makes it real and tangible. It’s just a miracle for kids!

Fun holidays for everyone with Fantasy Party

The saddest sight is a failed party. The guests are bored, and the birthday child is unhappy. Fantasy Party will never let that happen! Our actors will find an approach to all the guys. After all, they have a variety of props.

What can interest the kids’ entertainer?

Cheerful dancing. The entertainer has a portable speaker and a collection of popular music. For the kids can arrange a repetition of simple movements for teenagers – a real disco with a DJ.

Kids love quests. It can be a treasure hunt with clues. This type of quest is suitable for large teams during school holidays. Quest with sporting elements carries out outdoors, in parks, and at mass festivals. This game helps to unite and make friends, even children who don’t know each other.

Themed programs and shows. Such holidays are dedicated to science, sports competitions, and intellectual games. Small children’s companies take elements of some shows and mix them up.

The company Fantasy Party uses completely safe props. These are foam toys, paper figures, soap, and smoke bubbles. Children are always surprised and delighted by science shows in which they actively participate. Isn’t holding a fire that doesn’t burn your hand a miracle?

Cryo-show awakes the creative imagination. The children make their ice cream, decorate it with sprinkles, and then eat it with pleasure. The leader will show unforgettable experiments with liquid nitrogen. The amazement and joy of the children will be limitless!



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